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   Day Trips in the desert. Trips to 5 states in the desert Southwest and trips to Mexico. Google maps and GPX topo tracks included for most trips. Over "125" trips now listed. Where do you want to go?
    Map your trip if you plan to travel in the desert. The best sources for the latest maps and info. to be found anywhere. We're always updating this section of the site. New map systems you won't want to be without on your next trip.
    Plants Animals Birds - extensive lists including trees, cactus, flowers, snakes, lizards, rodents, and insects in the desert. Large list of birds found in the desert. Scientific names included for all species of animals found here. New species being listed all the time thanks to our readers..
    Desert Photography will play an important role in your enjoyment and memories. Many diversified topics to chose from. Want to learn the basics of photography - learn to get the most out of your camera?  Software reviews included.
    Safety in the desert is a real concern. Items you need to take to survive, plus what to be aware of. Real life stories of what can happen. Dehydration and drowning are real threats.
   Gold is where you find it! Everyone wants to find that lost Spanish treasure in the desert! Did you know that a lot of prospectors are still finding gold in the desert. Treasure tales --
Local Happenings  Car Shows, Air Shows, Festivals, Races, Poker Runs, Events and more!
Events  -- Events in the desert to keep you up to date with the latest events that are happening all the time in the desert! Updated continually by Linda Gilmore.
   Life in the Desert -- What is the desert really like? Where is the desert Southwest? What about water in the desert, and more.New Map.
   Weather Page will give you a different view of the weather conditions all over the Southwest. See what to expect before you leave home. New map layout for the Southwest.
   City Profiles   Statistics for all the major cities and towns in the desert Southwest in 5 states. Locations of hospitals, gas stations, and motels, plus more on the inter-active Maps.

   Events     Weather     Writer's Cafe     City Profiles     Life in the Desert      Local Happenings

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Red-tailed Hawk
Desert Photography

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City Profiles

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Life in the Desert

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   PlantsAnimals / Birds  -  Animals includes; Mammals / Snakes / Tortoise / Lizards / Rodents and Insects. If you find one of these in the desert and you need an ID.  Just click the START HERE link. on the pages linked above.

CalTopo Maps

    CalTopo Maps  - Of all the map systems we reviewed (a lot) this one is by far the best, most detailed and has more features than all the others. You can also import your own tracks!


    Events Page  --  All updated monthly. See whats going on in your neck of the desert! The best list of events you'll find anywhere on the web!


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What's New  here at in-the-desert. We're always adding to and updating the site with news, articles, information and reviews!  
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   New topo maps - Now you can have the topography detail of USGS maps on your computer and GPS unit. Best part, they're free. We've outlined the differences and provided links to the site.   6 maps are now available. You really shouldn't miss this .

Garmin Topo Maps

   Map Symbols - Ever wonder what some of them mean? Examples, graphics and explanations.

Map Symbols

   Whitmore Canyon - Scenic trip to a Grand Canyon Overlook on the North Rim, and visit at the Bar10 Ranch with much, much more to see.

Whitmore Canyon, AZ

   Nevada - Want to see what "middle of nowhere" really looks like and at the same time visit Devil's Cove? Here's the complete trip, maps, GPX tracks, and photos. Thanks to Bub Sanders again!

Devil's Cove

You came to the right place --
now see where you're going next,
and how you're getting there!

Lizard, Tortoise

   Lizard - Tortoise - NEW enlargements for better ID's, more detail. Lizards have new pages added with more info on Iguanas and Chuckwalla lizards.

Virgin Moutain Loop


   New Section - 7 new sub-sections on the different aspects of geology in the desert. Information, photos and videos. See what might interest you.


  Insects  - Also includes arachnids. A large listing of insects, spiders, and other scary, creepy crawlies. You could run into one of these at any time in the desert southwest.
   Nevada-Arizona  - Around Virgin Mt. over two passes and visiting some interesting sights along the way. A trip by the St. George Jeeper's. Nice trip!

3 Corners

   3 Corners - Corner monument for the states of Arizona, Nevada and Utah. New monument plus lowest point in Utah and the Lytle Ranch, GPX file, maps, video slideshow.


   Snakes - 11 new photos added and 8 new species added with enlargements. Thanks to Martin Feldner and Bryan D. Hughes for the additions.
   Chipmunk - Thanks to one of our regular visitors, Gail, we now have a new rodent listing, Other new llistings are also available now..


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Moapa to Overton

   Moapa  to Overton off road with the St. George Jeepers. Scenic trip w/ mines, petroglyphs and great geologic sights all along this challenging trail. Maps, photos and GPX tracks included, Great trip!

Hurricane Canal

   Hurricane Canal - Canal History and giant fissures in the limestone. Great vistas of Zion and more, GPX included.

Cedar Pockets

   Cedar Pockets - Interesting and unique daytrip in an unlikely area. You've got to see this one. GPX, maps, more!

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   Gold Butte - This trip has just been updated by the St. George Jeepers and published by Bud Sanders with more info, history and images. You don't want to miss this one.

Gold Butte, Nevada

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   In 5 States - 18 Ghost Towns that are fairly well known. Map and locations plus information on these really old, neat, towns. Certainly worth a trip to see them.

Ghost Towns