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Published June 9th, 2017

Which one is the best?

For your use in the desert? Is one better than another? Some are better in some areas than other ones. We'll show you some of the options and why you might want one. These are the 4 most popular brands available when this was published. All prices and availability as of June 2017.
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GoPro Hero 5 Black. Has been in business for quite a while, actually they started all this. They now have an image stabilizer, and the quality of the photos and video is outstanding. Up to 4K recording too!
 Price - $399.00 

Sony - HDRAS50/B, (newer models are now available). Sony has been into video
for quite a while, relatively new to "Action Cams". They have an image stabilizer and the quality of the photos and video is outstanding. Up to 1080 Recording too! 
Price - $168.00

Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 - Great Action Cam, Relatively new to "Action Cams". Their cams come with GPS, speed, elevation, heart rate and G-force and the quality of the photos and video is outstanding. 4 K recording! 
Price - $399.00

SJ4000 - GoPro Knock-off - some are knock-off's of knock-off's. Relatively new to "Action Cams". You take a chance buying one of these. We have one and we'll show you what we found. Up to 1080 Recording! 
Price - $49.99

   There are a lot of accessories available for these cameras, extra batteries and chargers for them, windshield mounts, stick on mounts, chest mounts, head mounts, cases, bicycle mounts and lot more. And you'll need a Micro SD memory card and an SD card adapter. You can find kits with a lot of these things included, especially on Amazon! Some of these kits are very inexpensive, like this one shown here at $15.99

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Something you should know about this kit is in the Video below.

   There are a few things you need to know about the review of this camera. First the quality of the photos it produced were almost completely un-usable. The video was what we would label as "good". Not excellant, just good. The battery life on this model (and there are many models) was good for 45 minutes of video, not bad, but not that good either. But it did come with 2 batteries and we could charge them in the vehicle which we haven't had to do yet. We may not get an extended life from this camera. It was a knock off of a real SJCam 4000 and didn't have all the options that are on that camera, like being able to shut off the LCD, which would extend the battery life. We used it on our last trip HERE. It worked great!

Test Videos for the SJ4000. View full-screen for a better experience!

   Yes we have a cheap "knock-off" and if you want a great Action Cam then we suggest you buy one of the better cams listed above. They may cost more but they will do what they're supposed to do! If you'd like to try one, without spending a fortune, then the SJ4000 might be the one for you. So far we've had good results with it. Good Luck!

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