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Updated December 16th, 2021

Which one is the best?

For your use in the desert? Is one better than another? Some are better in some areas than others. We'll show you some of the options and why you might want one. These are the 3 + most popular brands available when this was published. All prices and availability as of December 2021.
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GoPro Hero 7. This GoPro comes with an extra battery and is a great choice.  Includes voice activation which could be really handy. 4K video and 12 MP photos
 Price - $249.99 at this time! A newer Hero 10 is available! 

 4 K recording! 16 MP photos, 2 batteries and charger. And the best part - a remote control, and they do work and they do make them a joy to use. We have one with the remote and it makes it really easy to document trips. A deal for --- 
 Price - $69.99

   There are a lot of accessories available for these cameras, this kit has 50 accessories that you'll want to have. And you'll need a Micro SD memory card and an SD card adapter. You can find kits with a lot of these things included, especially on Amazon! Some of these kits are very inexpensive, like this one at less than $37.00.

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   There are a few things you need to know about the review of this camera. First the quality of the "photos" it produced were completely un-usable. The video was what we would label as "good". Not excellant, just good. The recorded sound was unusable. Most all the features on the camera "DON'T" work. The video does work. We would not recommend this camera,  Better to invest in a  GoPro or DJI instead. Video is from this trip HERE.

You get what you pay for, and Chinese knock-offs are no exception!

   This review is as honest as it gets. For less then $300 you could have a really good camera. We highly recommend Amazon for these purchases. Why, because returns are always easy, simple, and shipping is quick. We make a small amount from these sales, but it doesn't cost you anymore and it helps to maintain this web site.   Good Luck!

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Even though this camera (video above) is no longer available, the review will give you an idea of what you can expect from an inexpensive alternative to a GoPro, or a DJI osmo camera. After 2 different Chinese knock-offs. They are "not recommended" by us. If you want an action camera to perform as it's suppose to, then spend a little more money and get a brand name.   Amazon's Site #ad   has a large listing. So far we're happy with our choices, let us know what you think of yours.   Contact Us

Action Cam mounted on windsheild

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DJI osmo Action Cam. This comes with an extra battery and is a great choice.  4K video and 12 MP photos, water proof, dual screens. JK Southwest uses these for his video work!
 Price - $299.00 at this time! This is from Amazon. 

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