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Minersville, Beaver, Utah

   We've watched literally 100's of UFO videos that had the main plot centered around the desert. This is the one we've found to be the most interesting. If you have any video or photos of UFO's please contact us at the email link below.

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   Are they for real? Have you ever seen a UFO, or an alien? Well I'm sorry but we're people that have to see it to believe it. We'd love to see a UFO in the desert. There is a section of Rt. 130 between Cedar City and Minersville where people have reported seeing strange lights in the sky. We've driven out there many times, but with no luck so far. There is a new, just released, video of a UFO and we've put into our video here.
   The first part of this video shows several short versions of our trips out to the "UFO Highway" (Rt. 130, Minersville Road). In the last part of the video is a newly released video supposedly showing a very fast moving UFO near Beaver, which is just a few miles East of Rt. 130. The video was recorded by Sam Chortek and Jimmy Chappie in Oct. 2016 and was just released on January 9th 2019. Why the long wait to release this? And these two guys are supposed to be in the film making business. Is it for real, see for yourself. You will need to watch it full screen even though we slowed the best part of it down for a better view. We've included the entire film, you can fast forward if you'd like to get rid of the first part, and don't forget to use the pause button!

Map showing the area where UFO's have been spotted.

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UFO Sign
   The videographers had this to say - They never saw the UFO by eyesight out near Beaver while filming. They only noticed the UFO when viewing the footage later that night. The UFO is traveling very fast and probably would be hard to see by eye. It is also coming out of the canyon in the mountains then it passes the videographers at high speed. Don't hesitate to let us know what you think. CONTACT US
UFO Map, Utah