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Vintage Car Calendars, below!

   Denny earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Photography and a Master of Education Degree from the Utah State University (USU). He has more than 30 years of professional photography experience. 
   These calendars are 11 x 8.5" and make great wall, or desktop calendars. We're never without one. The vintage cars are outstanding works of art. If you'd like to make a purchase, then please either visit Denny  -- or contact Denny HERE

Featured Photographer

Denny Thurston

   "Sometimes in the journey of life, it's not the direct path, but the unforeseen route that leads a person to their destiny. A twist of fate diverted a photography trip planned for Yellowstone National Park to a new destination - the Colorado Plateau."

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   Editors note: we spend the entire year viewing and finding outstanding photographers in the desert southwest. Some photographers do have a few very special images. All of Denny's photography work is outstanding and unique. It's obvious that he knows his trade and spends hours working on the actual taking of photographs and the post processing afterwards.
Denny Thurston, Photographer
   "All my images contain the same characteristics: interesting composition, beautiful lighting and artistic imagination."
   "It was here, in this land of dramatic rock formation, stunning slot canyons and abundant archaelogical ruins that I was first introduced to the beauty and wonder of this incredible place. This is where art, work and life all converged into one. My wife Sharyn and I reside in Meridian, Idaho."
   For the last few years Denny has taken a special interest in photographing vintage automobiles at night. His long hours behind the camera and then the computer have resulted in the most stunning images of their kind. The first segment of the video shows a few of those vintage autos. His yearly calendar is shown below. They make great gifts!

Also included, examples of his outstanding photography work in the desert southwest.

2016 Vintage Automobile Calendar

2016 Calendar
   All the classic and vintage automobiles in this calendar were photographed in complete darkness. Only a small flashlight was used to illuminate the subjects! This creative approach to lighting makes the final photograph look very surreal, very much like a painting.
   "Because of the way I "paint with light" and create the final image in post-production, each photograph is one-of-a-kind. It can never be duplicated exactly like the original. Each image is more than just a photograph, it is a work of art."

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Denny Thurston