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Practical Use of Drones

   There is certainly a lot of talk about UAV's and their use in the desert. Businesses, government agencies and individuals are now using them to improve their view of the world we live in. The FAA is now involved in the act with new regulations to control and register their use. Individuals are also getting into trouble flying in restricted areas. So what good use could you use a drone for?

UAV's, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

   This is a great way to view rock crawling events, off road adventures, and to look over new areas in the desert before actually entering them. YouTube has thousands of videos taken with Drones. The above links are all "Paid Ad" links for Amazon. If you use the links we get paid a very small amount that helps to maintain this web site and it costs you nothing. Thank you!
DJI Drone
   As much as we wanted to get a drone - the government has made it unlikely! We just don't feel like putting the time and money into a Part 107 commercial license to fly a drone. So why would we need one? The FAA's laws state that anytime you fly a drone to make money you need a part 107 license. Now you can get a DJI Mini or the new Mini 2 and not need to register it, but as soon as you fly, shoot a video, and then put the video on a web site (like ours) that has Google ads and makes money, you're open to prosecution by the FAA. Now chances are that they will just warn you the first time ( unless they make an example of you ) but their fines can quickly get outrageous. All this could lead to you having to claim your income on your taxes? So if you want to fly a drone and do videos of trips you take out in the desert, great, but you should just keep them for you and friends to view. Is it legal to put them on Facebook and not have a Part 107 license? Don't know, but there are ads on Facebook.
   Here's just one rediculous example, you certainly won't fall into this category -- will you?
   So where does this leave us, buy a DJI Mavic Mini or the newer Mini 2 and just fly it for fun. As much as we'd like to use one to give a better view of areas of interest in the desert, well, it's just too risky. But if you're interested in getting a new drone, then here are 3 of the best ones available today. And of course there are 100's more  HERE .

All these are “fly more combos”.

DJIMini 2 on Amazon        $599

DJIMavic Mini on Amazon  $494.99

DJIMavic Air 2 on Amazon $988