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Practical Use of Drones

   There is certainly a lot of talk about UAV's and their use in the desert. Businesses, government agencies and individuals are now using them to improve their view of the world we live in. The FAA is now involved in the act with new regulations to control and register their use. Individuals are also getting into trouble flying in restricted areas. So what good use could you use a drone for?

UAV's, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

   This is a great way to view rock crawling events, off road adventures, and to look over new areas in the desert before actually entering them. YouTube has thousands of videos taken with Drones. The video above is a perfect example. How else could you get a perspective like that?
   Here's an example of one of the good uses of a drone. Kyler Rasmussen is new to drones, but his videos are great! Here's an example of what you could do on your next trip in the desert.

Video courtesy of Kyler Rasmussen

View "Full Screen" for a beter experience.

   Kyler has a real knack for getting the right prespective for video shots, and with his DJI Mavic he keeps you captivated. You can see his other video on his YouTube channel TRDirty and you can find him on instagram @trdirty If you're not using a drone to document your trips then shame on you. Flying them is now easier and fun, plus you get some great video of your trip that you can look back on or show your friends.
   Firefighters, farmers, police and surveyors are now using drones. They come in all sizes for use indoors as well as out in the desert.
   Now we even have micro-drones and nano-drones. Some of these fly pretty good and would probably be fun. None of these is yet capable of photography or video though. For that you need a bigger drone. There are literally hundreds of drones on the market today and you can even build your own.
   Drone prices vary from $50 to over $20,000 for professional UAV's. The DJI drones are probably the most widely known that actually work and fly easily (priced between $600 and $2,000). Some of the less expensive ones are harder to control and are really not good for video use. 
   The illegal use of drones near forest and desert fires is becoming a real problem for the pilots that are trying to dump fire retardant on the fires. Quite a few times in the past their operations have been shut down because of individuals flying their drones in the fire area (Caifornia and Utah). Some states now offer rewards for the prosecution of these individuals. Check the FAA rules and don't fly in No-Fly Zones! The fines can be steep!

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Oct. 2018  - Best Drones Available

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