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Latest Drones

   What would be the best drone to use on trips in the desert? The tech world is always in "fast forward" mode and this shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. Just a couple years ago you wouldn't have believed that this was possible. But, here it is. Great, small, drones that are easier to fly with great video and stills cameras. With stabilizers to boot!

Best Drones

   This is a great way to view rock crawling events, off road travels, and to look over new areas in the desert before actually entering them. These are clearly the "best" options available today for drones. You just have to wonder what's next?
   The GoPro Karma drone is now available again with a fixed battery latch. It will be available on 2/28/2017 on GoPro's Web site, see the link below.

For full review fast forward to 2:32 on the video.

View "Full Screen" for a beter experience.

DJI MavicPro Drone
   Famous for their HD Action Cameras, GoPro is now getting into the Drone market. Being their first entry into this market they've surprised drone owners with a folding drone and a controller with its own screen - no cell phone or tablet needed. This should be way all drones work. Now with this drone you can be using your phone/tablet for calls and GPS tracks while flying. Images and more info below. See the recall site listed above!

GoPro Karma Drone

GoPro Karma Drone
GoPro Karma Specs
Go Pro Cameras
   One noticeable disadvantage, the way the camera projects out of the front of the drone. One advantage is the hand held stabilizer that comes with the drone giving the camera system a dual purpose. See the review video Below.

GoPro Karma Drone

DJI Mavic Pro Drone

   The one big advantage to the Karma drone by GoPro is that it comes with a stabilizer for hand holding the camera! But with the Mavic you have a much smaller system that flies much better and easier and flies for a longer time period (up to 27 minutes). There are a lot of features Like "follow me", "panning", and more that the Karma just does not have. If you already own a Hero4 you might opt for the GoPro drone, if not, then the DJI Mavic would be the best choice. This is a popular opinion of the current reviewers.
DJI Mavic Pro Drone
   The one disadvantage to the Mavic drone is that you have to use or buy a phone for use with the drone. You can use your phone but where does that leave you if you're using the phone for a GPS or if you get an important call while flying? They really should consider offering a screen device with WiFi to use with the controller, don't you think?
DJI Mavic Pro Drone
   As small as a water bottle, easy to fly, great video and stills, obstacle avoidance senors on the front and bottom of the drone. A "tripod" mode to enhance controllability at slower speeds for great video. Full 4K video and 12 megapixels stills. Video streaming up to 4.3 miles to your controller! Can be controlled by you phone without using the controller. Positioning with GPS and Glonass for more precise flight!

DJI Mavic Pro & GoPro Karma Review Videos

   These YouTube reviews were done by Casey Neistat and are of the most popular reviews on YouTube. Everything you want to know is here!

DJI Mavic Pro Review

GoPro Karma Review

View "Full Screen" for a beter experience.

   Both of these drones will be available in month of Oct. 2016. Both have good features and great image and video quality. Some of the first reviews found that the DJI Mavic had soft video and images, but this was mostly due to user error. Not knowing how to focus the camera. More on this HERE 
   Pros and Cons: With the GoPro Karma you'll have to spend at least $399 on a GoPro Hero4 camera and you won't have all the options and features that you can get from DJI. And the DJI just flies like no other drone on the market today, better and easier. Size: the Karma is still pretty big, even when folded up. The Mavic is small, very small, yet built tough! If you're traveling in the desert and want to shoot video, the DJI Mavic will be hard to beat. The DJI Mavic is our choice as the best drone available today!

Click on the image below - Order DJI Mavic Pro from Amazon - Release date Oct. 31st. 2016

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Updated  February 2nd, 2017