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Latest Drones

   What would be the best drone to use on trips in the desert? The tech world is always in "fast forward" mode and this shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. Just a couple years ago you wouldn't have believed that this was possible. But, here it is. Great, small, drones that are easier to fly with great video and stills cameras. With stabilizers to boot!

Best Drones

   This is a great way to view rock crawling events, off road travels, and to look over new areas in the desert before actually entering them. These are clearly the "best" options available today for drones. You just have to wonder what's next?

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DJI MavicPro Drone

Mavic Pro, vs, DJI Spark

DJI Mavic Pro Drone

$569.00 is the complete "Fly More" bundle on the Amazon Store. 

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Updated  May 23rd, 2018

   We've limited our selections here to DJI Drones, why, because they work and are easier to fly. Other drones with similar specs. just aren't as reliable or don't have the image/video quality the DJI drones have. So let's look at the top 3 available today. All available on Amazon!

Complete "Fly More" package available on Amazon's Store

   Small when folded, easy to carry, easy to fly with a flight time of 27 minutes. $1,189.00 with everything needed to capture photos/video of your exploits in the desert. This is a top of the line drone and is our number one pick. It is also the most expensive drone here!
   Casey Neistat did this excellent review of the two DJI drones and it's hard to tell which one has the better video quality, can you tell? More on the DJI Spark below.
   The Spark is a little smaller and a lot less expensive, $579. It has a 16 minute flight time and records video in 1080 HD and is not capable of 4K. BUT how many of you have 4K monitors or even TV's for that matter. Watch the video above! The choice is yours and the Mavic is certainly a great drone, don't rule that one out.
   The Spark won't fly as far away from you as the Mavic will, only a little less than 2 miles is a safe distance, where the Mavic will reach out to 4 miles. I think you'd have a hard time seeing it 4 miles away. It also has a shorter flight time, but the kit below has 3 batteries which will give you almost 48 minutes. And if you're just getting started, the Spark is a great way to go. Watch the video above, please!

DJI Mavic Air

   The Mavic Air is another option. It is smaller, kind of, than the Mavic Pro, but the arms don't fold into the body. It is also a great flyer that is easy to fly and has 4K video with a flight time of 21 minutes. It sells for $999.00 for complete "fly more" package on the Amazon Web Site
   I can think of numerous times when we wished we had a drone, to fly to an arch that was hard to get to, to fly into some small alcoves/caves in a cliff face to see if there was any petroglyphs, or just to see what's over the next hill. And to document a trip into a new area with friends.