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Finding Your Way

In The Desert

   After being asked how we find these neat and unusual places in the desert, we thought this might help! We understand that a lot of the folks out there that explore in the desert just "head out" and find neat places, and this is how we do it, sometimes. Then there are others that spend time researching and looking on maps and satellite systems for new unexplored places to find. And yet another group that only follows others on trips. All these are just fine, but if you're like us, and you want to see things that not many others have had the good fortune to find then here's one way to do just that.

Using the topo maps, more

   Editors note: We only recommend map systems and web sites we know are worth having links to. We have no affiliation with these systems or sites, we do use them a lot. If you're not using them, then you should take a serious look at them for planning your next trip. Find something neat!

   This is the way that we look over different areas of interest. This is usually how we plan a trip to an unknown area. We also use the Mine Location Map when in a mining area to see just what miners were looking for and how successful they were. Have any questions?

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Topography Map
   Even if you like to research these places on maps, like we do, you may not have had the good luck to run into some of these map sources. We've spent an awful lot of time researching these different map systems to see which ones work the best and give the most detail and information. If you really want to see the best map systems, then you've come to right place. We like maps that work flawlessly and don't cost an arm and leg to use. This is one of the reasons we published a Desert Map Page, cause we needed good maps and wanted to offer our findings to other explorers in the desert. Several times a year we look at different map systems to see if there is anything new we might need, it's a lot of time and work, take advantage of it, it's all free on our site.

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Caltopo Map Sytem:

Old Maps:                

These an more on the DesertMap Page

Here's a link to a good site to convert Kml & Kmz files to gpx files:

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