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Bass Fishing

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Spring 2019

Fishing Southwestern Utah

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For FISH, not scenery!

   Usually we're looking for unique and unusual desert scenery, buildings, mines and rock formations. But this year, 2019, we decided to go fishing for bass in Southwestern Utah. Now there isn't a lot of places to go bass fishing here, but there are a few and several that are "hidden", which is what we like. New Castle reservoir is full of mercury, Sand Hollow has something in it that makes people itch and get a red rash (want to eat fish out of there?) and the local pond here in Providence (Cedar City) has the same thing and you can't eat fish from there.

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Bass Fishing

Bass Fishing Video 2019

Let's get serious!
   Want to know more about bass fishing? Also a couple tricks for making your lures enticing to the fish and most important, how to catch them.

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Veyo Volcano, Utah
   This year we thought we'd go look for some new "hidden" places to fish. We did find one pond with fish, only to be told we couldn't fish there, after being given the okay to fish. A mis-communication? So here's a look at the start of our bass fishing season. We're not done yet!

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