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Algodones, California

See the map below! 
   If you're headed for Algodones or the Casino at this exit on I-8 then this is only a short detour to the North on S-24 to get to the old adobe building.
   An old stop on the Butterfield stage route, a sister site to Vallecito and Dome City in Arizona. This one, however, has not been preserved - so its in its true, original unrestored state. More information can be found here - MORE This paragraph may not be true.

Araz Stage Coach Stop Topography Map

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   We no longer believe the above statement to be true "Butterfield Stage Stop" After investigating the Stage Stops it appears that Fort Yuma was the Butterfield Stage Stop, The Araz Adobe building is too close to the Fort location for them to need a stop on Araz Rd. More info. below.
Araz Stage Stop Topo Map
Adobe Building on Araz Road
   Here's an email that was shared with us by Leon Baradat - dated Feb. 25th. 2009.  "We have done a lot of research on that old adobe building. It is either a pump plant for the American Girl Mine or a loading dock for one of the mines"   Carol Brooks, Curator, Arizona Historical Society, Yuma.  It may be that no one actually knows it's true purpose! Many think it was a Butterfield Stage Stop and have published it in that context. If anyone has any documented info, we'd like to hear/see it.

Above Image (Circa, 1973) courtesy of Leon Baradat