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Dome Valley, Arizona

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   Some of the old foundations still remain and the old school foundation is still visible. There are many active gold claims west of the old town site. You'll have to go under the railroad overpass to get to the cemetery.
    Dome City is a ghost town located in Yuma County, in southwestern Arizona, United States. Originally Swiveler's Station, 20 miles east of Fort Yuma, on the Butterfield Overland Mail route, a post office was established here in 1858. It was first under the name of Gila City the nearby boomtown 1 1/2 mile west of Dome but the post office closed July 14, 1863. More information can be found here - MORE

Dome City Topography Map

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Dome Valley Topography Map
Dome City Cemetery
Dome City Cemetery
2 of the old headstone markers in the cemetery.
   Today the site lies along the railroad and a road that follows the old Overland stage route, south of the Wellton-Mohawk canal and Gila River. All that remains on the site is a large adobe building, one small adobe remnant and foundations. There is a cemetery nearby to the west. The Cemetery is still visible with numerous graves and markers.