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Fay, Nevada

See the map below! 
   As you can see by the above map this area has a lot of other old Ghost Towns and mines. Many we've never explored. Also lots of off road trails to be explored.

Fay Topography Map

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Ghost Towns

   Fay started in 1899. In 1901 it had four saloons, several stores, a post office, and regular stage service. Fay began to fail in 1915, but the post office wasn't removed until 1924. For more info, GPX track and photos -- HERE
   Fay had one of the first ball mills in the area and serviced other mines in the area. They also had one of the first Post Offices. This area is now privately owned and there is a sign with the owner's name and phone number if you'd like to ask permission to enter.
Fay, Nevada, Post Office
   The old cemetery's location is marked and is still available to be viewed. A lot of the old grave markers are now in bad shape. Owner is: Mike Reynolds  1-435-668-1326
Fay Topography Map