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Southwestern Ghost Towns

5 States in the Desert Southwest Listed

Added -Rhyolite 11-25-21, Hamilton 12-08-21

   Below you'll find a map in the desert southwest of states that have ghost towns, some well known, others not so well known. This will be a great way to find and explore a ghost town near you. Pick a ghost town on the map that's near you or near where you'll be traveling. This will give you an idea of what the "old west" was like back when miners, gun slingers, store keepers, and saloons were all you could find in the desert "wild west".
   You'll find there are a lot of other "ghost towns" listed on the Internet. A lot of them have been dismantled, destroyed, vandalized or nature has just had her way with them. If there is nothing left worth seeing then we haven't listed it here. Please be advised that some of these places may be on private property and it's up to you to determine this and get permission to enter.

These are links to the Ghost Town pages:

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Ghost Towns

   We've endeavored to only list "real" ghost towns that are abandoned or only have a caretaker in residence. Most of these listings are on public land, however there are certain locations that are private. See town listings for more information, map and history.

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Southwestern States Map

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Listings by state

Arizona: Dome City - Goldfield - Swansea
New Mexico:  Lake Valley
   We've personally been to a lot of these locations so we've also provided links to trips where available. Ghost Towns are getting harder to find and are rapidly decaying, so don't wait - take a trip!
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