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Leeds, Utah

See the map below! 
   Besides the Stormont MIll site there are other scenic opportunities here including an arch to be seen after a short hike. See the link above for more info.

Stormont Mill Topography Map

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Ghost Towns

   Due to its close proximity to the Virgin River, the Stormont Mill also processed left over materials. It was established in the early 1870s, and at the time, was referred to as the Babylon Mill by the members of the Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints church, named after the neighboring settlement of Babylon. It is speculated that the settlement of about 20 to 25 non-LDS families chose the name Babylon to set themselves apart from the LDS members in the adjacent areas. The town, part of the Silver Reef Mining District, subsisted until at least 1887 when the nearby mine and mill closed down. The area is still designated as Babylon. More info, GPX track on this Ghost Town  HERE

Photo to the right is all that remains of the old Mill Site. Far right is a silver mine.

John Vought Home
   Although the photo at the top is the John Vought home that he started to build for him and his wife the old mill site only has one small stone building left and it's only partially there. The main site now consists of the home Jon built. It was destroyed by fire and construction never continued.
Stormont Mill Topography Map
Virgin River
Stormont Mill Miners Cabin
Stormont Mill
Babylon Silver Mine
John Vought home

From left to right - John Vought home - Old miners cabin - Virgin River.