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New Map System

High Resolution & Numerous Map Options

Gmap4 Topography Map

In The Desert

   You'll find this map system by to be the best map for finding and traveling in different areas in the desert. The options for viewing different maps is immense. Maps.Google, Satellite, Satellite/Hybrid, Terrain, ESRI, ArcGIS, and the best topography map system, CalTopo Hi-res Maps, just to name a few. This map is easy to use and has options that you won't find in any other mapping system.
   If you want a map of the southwest and want to see different locations in the desert, then this is the map for you. If you want to be able to load a GPX track onto a topography map then THIS is the map for you. Both map systems have their place in exploration and travel in the desert. The ease of use of this map and it's options make it a real asset.
   You cannot easily load GPX tracks into this map system so we'll only cover it's use for finding areas of interest and topography differences in the desert. If you are a web designer and want to show a detailed map with a GPX track, it is possible to do. You'll need to spend some time with the interface and have an online service to host your GPX track.

Gmap4 Map Interface

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Gmap4 Topography Map
   The ESRI Topo map works particularly well when zoomed in to a value of "12" or "13". At this level a lot of locations (text) is cleary shown. You can determine the zoom value by right clicking on the center of an active map.
   Here's 3 examples. Aerial Google Hybrid - CalTopo Hi-res USA - Topo ESRI USA map. Mouse over the map on the right then left click to see all 3.
Gmap4 Topography Map Menu
Gmap4 Topography Map Menu
Zoom Control
You can use the zoom slider on the map to zoom in. Double clicking will only center the map under your cursor.
   In the upper right corner of the map you'll see the Menu and the current map shown in your browser. In this case it's the t1 Terrain map. Other maps that might be of interest to you are highlighted in "red". The CalTopo and the ESRI maps are only an advantage when zoomed in.
   Under the "Menu" tab, the item of interest is the CalTopo Hill Shading, highlighted in "red". You can adjust the hill shading up to a value of "35" when you click on this option. Try several different values when zoomed in.

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   Without a doubt this map system has the best usability right out of the box. Easy to understand and work with, great options and features. The Aerial Google Hybrid is nice for locating an area, and for more of an indepth view you can zoom in to view the CalTopo Hi-res map or the ESRI map. And there are more maps available.
   You cannot import GPX tracks from your computer's hard drive into this map system. If you are looking for this option then please see THIS MAP 
   See an actual interactive Gmap4 map below ----

Interactive Gmap4 Map

Just a few of the available options shown here.

Try these options on the Interactive map below.

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