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Lost Dutchman Mine

Are these connected?

Peralta Stones

In The Desert

   The Lost Dutchman Mine and the Peralta Stones may, or may not be, part of the same mystery in the desert southwest. Many believe they are connected. For more information you may want to visit the Superstition Mountain Museum.

Peralta Stone Maps

   This is definitively an argosy mystery in the desert. It is an interesting one. People have been trying to decipher the maps and text on the stones for a long period of time. They've also been looking for the Lost Dutchman Mine and some think these stones lead the way to the mine. Hope this helps with your pursuit, and if nothing else you may find it interesting.

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   Linda is getting us set up for the shoot. She decided to use a flash diffuser, which was a good choice.

Photographing the Stones

   The Peralta Stones are our main reason for this article. We'll leave finding the Lost Dutchman Mine up to other explorers. This may help with that endeavor. Linda, my wife, set up this photo shoot - taking care of the lighting, flash and camera settings. She monitored the entire shoot on her laptop. While she was busy with that, I removed the plexiglass covers that were on the stones. Please note that these stones while being replicas are very good ones.
   Of course if you've followed this on your own you know that the stones are considered maps to the location of a great treasure - located somewhere! For the original photos see below.

   In the download below there are 9 photos. There are only 5 stones. "The heart stone" was photographed on both sides and the "cross stone" & "map stone" were photographed on both sides as was the "horse map stone". We also added a couple shots of the the other larger stones using a flashlight (Linda's idea) to create shadows to see more details in the stones. We think there may be a "cross stone" missing from the display at the museum. Not sure about that. Hope these large photos help you with your conquest.

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Superstition Mountains
Superstition Mountain Museum
   Want to look for the Lost Dutchman Mine and visit the Superstition Mountains? Head for Apache Junction just 23.6 miles east of Phoenix, AZ. 
Peralta Stones
Don at the Photo Shoot
Archive photo of the Peralta Stones

   The photo on the left here shows a couple of the original Peralta Stones as they were found back in the early 1900's. Being a B&W photo it's hard to tell what the composition of the original stones were? The replicas look like red sandstone.

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