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Topaz Labs, Photography Software

Video: How to work with Studio? Best viewed full screen.

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Topaz Studio

Photography Software Review

   We're using Studio now and find it to be very user friendly and quite capable of all kinds of image adjustments that you won't find in any other imaging software.
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The all in one Photography Software

   All your photography work will be enhanced whether it's for use in the desert, city, urban, social media, prints or for video work.
   If you already own some, or all, of Topaz Labs plug-ins then they are just a click away in this FREE base imaging program. PLUS, there are literally hundreds of presets available that you can fine tune to your liking. This program includes several new options as well as standard imaging features like cropping, resizing and saving at different optimizing levels. The "Healing Tool" is one of these special options, great for getting rid of undesireable objects in your photos.

   Please note: check the System Requirements to see if your computer can use this program! 

   The base imaging program "STUDIO" is free. All you have to do is register and download the program  HERE
   Don't want to pay for photography software, lump sum or a monthly payment? Here's your chance to get a base imaging program for FREE. And if you want to upgrade with more "Adjustment Tools" you'll be pleased wtih a small price. Topaz Labs constantly updates, improves and enhances their software for life at no extra cost to you.
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   Topaz Studio has immediate access to your Topaz Labs Plug-ins if you already own some, or all of them. Topaz also has a Pro Pack of "Adjustments" for Studio. Below is a list of the added "Adjustments" you can purchase. Or you can buy the whole Pro Pack like we did.  The ones in RED  are six we'll be using a lot. With all the presets and the Pro Pack you'll have everything you'll ever need for your imaging work.

Color Theme
Focal Blur
Black & White
HSL Color Tuning
Reduce Noise

Edge Exposure
Precision Contrast


    The ones in RED are just Adjustments that we'll probably use a lot, We have all of them as it's a great deal to just buy the Pro Pack, and you might want to work with some of the other options shown here also.

Want to view the cost of each of these Adjustments individually?    HERE 

Sample images for Studio

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   It doesn't matter what you're using right now, give this a try, how could you go wrong?
   This is a very simplistic view of the workings of the program and by no means shows all of the features that are available. It is only meant to get you, the photographer, to try some of the different aspects and features in this program. There are many, many, features and it will take some time to learn them all. But, at least with this program the learning curve is much easier than in many of the other imaging programs out there today. Amateur or professional, this software has almost all the options you'll ever need! New interface is explained below.
   Want to view precise professional Tutorials on the different aspects of the software?   Topaz Tutorials
    JUST ADDED:   You've heard of masking in photography software, right? You've also heard, or know, how much time it takes and how hard this is to do. Here's a short video tutorial on one of the best features of this program. It's easy to use and adds a great option to image color correction. This really does, easily, solve a problem with captured colors in images!

The "Clarity Pack" includes HSL Color Tuning and Precision Contrast! 2 additions you shouldn't be without!   HERE 

See " Just Added " below