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Southwest Videos

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   We've watched literally 100's of videos that had the main plot centered around the desert. These are ones we've found to be the most informative and interesting. Spend some time looking through their channels and don't forget to subscribe! They'll appreciate it.

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   Here is a list of the channels that we subscribe to that will be of interest to explorers and travelers in the desert. You'll get more information by watching these channels than you can find anywhere else on the net.

Videos of Interest

YouTube image
   175 videos and growing. About life, travels, animals and a lot of daytrips with maps, videos and gpx tracks to make your next adventure a real success. Includes video reviews of photography software to enhance your sharing with others.
In the desert
   Humorous channel with loads of information on geology and prospecting for gold. Jeff is a prospector and finds gold! His wife, Lila, does the filming and supports Jeff's work. Great video channel you don't want to miss.
Ask Jeff Williams
TVR Exploring
   Justin makes this look easy, but most people wouldn't think of exploring mines the way he does. This channel will keep you glued to his efforts exploring underground in places few would dare go. If you wondered what it looked like inside a mine, then this is for you!
Terry L Carter
   We've all dreamed of finding a treasure. Terry is a professional and has shared his experiences here on his channel. Finding caches, Nephilim Giants, tablets and treasure symbols found, it's all here!
Utah Wandering
   Scott Dellinger spends every spare moment when not working traveling and seeing sights in the desert southwest. Mostly in Utah, but also in other adjacent areas. Nice guy!
2 more videos you'll find interesting:

Edible Plants in the desert  This gentleman has grown a lot of the plants you'll find in the desert in his own yard. He explains what you can eat, how to prepare them and what they taste like.

Plants in the desert - Arizona Game & Fish  Some interesting information in this video.

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