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About Us

   Also of great importance to us, is a data base that educational institutions can use, as well as a wealth of interesting information made available to persons of all ages. This knowledge base will continue to grow with the site. We have a growing and wonderful group of contributors and visitors helping to enhance this site and thus your experience here. So enjoy the site and if you have any comments or information that you think we might find useful  --  contact us. We'd love to hear from you.
   Our mission on this site is to bring you closer to life in the desert, with day trips that are informative, full of photographs, bird, plant and animal identifications and a host of other desert related articles. We have a great source of information for traveling or visiting the desert. The group here at in the desert wants you to be apprised of all the information you need before you venture out into the desert. The staff here are desert travelers, explorers, or live in the desert.  Being the number one site for information in the desert is not a burden, it's an adventure -- one we really enjoy - and we know that you will too!

Contributors, Editors



Don Gilmore:
Webmaster, Developer, Photographer.

Linda Gilmore:
Asst. Publisher, Photographer, Editor and Internet Research Analyst.

"Bud" Leland Sanders:
Photographer, Publisher of off-road adventures
Guide for the St. George Jeepers

Dave Taylor:
Author, Story Teller, chief contributor to the Writers Cafe.

Martin Feldner:
Herpetologist, editor, contributor to the Animal / Reptile / Insect sections of the site.

   The contributors above are all professionals in the fields listed with their names. We are also, and most importantly, desert travelers, or wanderers that are seeking adventures in the desert. Some are looking for gold, animals, reptiles, photographs, history, or just to have a good time and get away from it all. Anyone can come to the desert in search of tranquility. It's one of the few places left where you can be alone -- even for days at a time. It's vastness is overwhelming, yet inviting. Even people who require the company of others venture into the desert. Let the journey begin!
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   We'd also like to mention here all the other travelers in the desert that have supplied photos, videos, and stories to help enhance the web site. They come from all over the world, not just here in the desert southwest seeking an adventure, new horizons or a chance to see that one really neat landscape, cave, petroglyphs, or ghost town. With their help we'll endeavor to give you something new / unusual to look forward to in your travels. Thanks to all the contributors!
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