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Mammals in the desert.

   Bighorn sheep and wild horses are probably the largest animals in the desert, then there's the burro's, the pronghorn antelope, the deer, and cats in the desert. Least we not forget the coyotes, kit foxes, and the rabbits. Now some of you that don't live out here in the desert are probably saying --- "We've never seen one of these mammals in the desert and they're probably hard to find even for a fleeting glimpse of one." Some of them do have their favorite haunts and trails they use, but they are here in the desert and, large mammals are seen frequently. If your visiting from another area or country please keep your eyes open and stay alert.  Many times traveling through a remote area in the desert you really have to keep a vigil and watch for the smallest movement or difference in the landscape. Animals do camouflage themselves and are good at blending in, in the desert, but if you keep a watchful vigil you'll see more than you've ever imaged. Cats on the other hand are very ellusive, expecially the Jaguarundi.     See the links below --
Mammals  in the desert.

Reptile in the desert.

   Reptiles: That encompasses a lot of different species. But it's an interesting topic in the desert; and the desert is full of them, in all shapes and sizes. The snake is a good example - many different species make the desert their home as do lizards and turtles. Our desire to become familiar with the snake and lizard population here in the desert has lead to some interesting finds. Our best find was a lizard (a Desert Iguana) that became a great friend and really liked us. Although we did find one snake (Glossy Snake) that was friendly, most were not. But this is normal and finding a venomous snake isn't really a big deal, in fact it's an opportunity to photograph a neat reptile in the desert. Just stay out of their way and don't aggravate them -- and if you do find one that's annoyed, then stay away from him, that's what he wants -- to be left alone. Respect them and they'll respect you too.  See links below ---
Snake   in the desert.
Lizard   in the desert.

Rodent in the desert.

   I know when you hear rodent you think of Rats. Well, forget that kind of thinking. We have the cutest little rodent animals you'll find anywhere. They are real survivors and we'll tell you what unique ways they've come up with in order to survive in the desert. Sometimes in the desert it doesn't rain for 10 months, then for 2 years it will only rain about an inch of rain. How do these little guys and girls make it through these tough times, we'll tell you. One other thing. We made friends (should say Linda did) with two resident rodents here in the desert. You won't believe this. Well, you might if you live here in the desert. Maybe. It is true. read more.....
Rodent   in the desert.

Insects in the desert.

   Have you ever seen an area the size of a football field with hundreds of Tarantulas running around. Sound scary, not really. Read more after the link below. We also have Black Widows in the desert; now these you should be scared of. We'll tell you why. There's Scorpions, Bees, Wind Scorpions, Blister Beetles, Moths, Caterpillars, and Centipedes larger than diner plates! You really need to see this section....
Insects   in the desert.
   Here's a list of State Animals - Reptile - Insects shown by state. It's interesting to note here that the states of California and Nevada have both chosen the Desert Tortoise as their State Reptile.
         Animals                                Reptile                                  Insects
         Ringtail Cat                 Ridge-nosed Rattlesnake        Two-tailed Swallowtail
         Grizzly Bear                        Desert Tortoise                   Dogface Butterfly
       Rocky Mountain Elk                        None                                 Honeybee
       Desert Bighorn Sheep            Desert Tortoise              Vivid Dancer Dameselfly
               Black Bear                       Whiptail Lizard                   Trantula Hawk Wasp


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Cat  Cougar, Jaguarundi, Bobcat

Be Kind to all Wildlife...

Animal Tracks - Identifying tracks in the desert

Tortoise   in the desert.
Need an ID?       START HERE
Need an ID?       START HERE
Need an ID?       START HERE
Need an ID?       START HERE

Fluorescence in Animals

   It's not just minerals and scorpions that fluoresce in the desert. Insects and lichens do also. Follow Greg Watson as he puts a new UV light to the test. This is not everything that fluoreses that you might find, but it's a great place to start. See what he found.....
Fluorescence  - Plants and Animals  in the desert.
Fluorescence  - Rocks and Minerals  in the desert.