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   Here in the Argosy section of the site we'll deal with mysteries in the desert. There are a lot of mysteries about lost gold mines, lost treasure, and lost caches and here we're going to look into these mysteries and others not related to money. The kind of mystery that makes you wonder why, how, when or is it for real?

Lamp Shade Lady Mine

   An absolutely true accounting of finding the lost Lamp Shade Lady Mine. The complete story of an old mystery, solved -- well not completely; maybe you can help with a few unanswered questions.
   We looked for this mine years ago with no luck, but thanks to this web site, we got to meet a couple of nice people; one that knew the location and took us there. Now that's what the Internet is all about. Want to know more? Read about it      HERE

Underground River

    THE LARGEST RIVER in the USA. We've all heard of underground rivers, right? Of course we have; but have you ever seen one yourself? Well we never have either, although we've heard a lot and read a lot about them. One in particular. Do you know about the one that runs from as far North as Pyramid Lake, Nevada (Just North of Reno, Nevada) all the way down to and empties into the Sea of Cortez? We've heard a lot about this one and we'll tell you what we know, and maybe you can help us with what we don't know. This should be really interesting reading.

Ancient Giants

   Did you ever read or hear about a race of Ancient Americans that were giants up to 9 ft. tall? We've heard several accounts and have read even more about this race of giants. There is even a story told by a friend who is a museum curator about a cave in the Grand Canyon along the Colorado River where the Smithsonian found ...

   Have a story you'd like to see published here? You must own the copyright on the story, photos etc. We'll be glad to publish it for you and give you credit if the story is ok'd by our editor. Great chance to get help finding information on those unanswered questions you've had for years. Give it a try  E-MAIL  us.
There's nothing greater than the lore of the unknown!
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Montezuma's Treasure

   Montezuma's treasure is real and has never been found. Did you know that it's been searched for in Utah, along the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon, in South and Central Mexico, and in Guatemala. Here is a short history of the search for Montezuma's Treasure in the desert. Links to other sites are also presented here for more info. The search started in the desert in the 1800's and continues today. Other places you may want to look, the Sierra Nevada Mountains?

A true Argosy adventure

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   MORE UNDERGROUND RIVERS  An update to the above article. We've found several underground rivers that you as an explorer can see for yourself! Not a common occurance, so read this to see what we found in the desert southwest.

Black Point Mystery

    STRANGE HOLES are they mines or living quarters? How long have they been there? Why are they hidden in an earthquake fault in the middle of nowhere in Utah? Certainly is strange and we're not done investigating this yet. Stay with us on this one. We were told it has something to do with old petroglyphs and gold.
    Waterglyphs We'd bet that 99% of the people exploring in the desert have never even heard of "Waterglyphs". We had not heard about them till a friend told us about an off road trip he and some friends took and one of the things they found was a "Waterglyph". We've researched this and there really isn't much information on the Internet. This is truly a mystery!

Waterglyphs, Petroglyphs

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Peralta Stones

    Superstition Mountains Want to do your own investigation of this long lost treasure? Here's the full sized photos of the Peralta Stones for your close examination.

Mojave Megaphone

    Megaphone This is a man made mystery found in the desert southwest. The Mojave desert to be exact. You won't find much information on the Internet. We came up with a conclusion as to what it was used for, but is this its real use? Make a judgement for yourself! It is a very unique find!