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Bloomington, St. George, Utah

Just South of St. George, take Exit 4
(Brigham Rd. Exit) go West off of I-15. 
   To visit this navigation arrow you'll have to drive through a lot of residential areas and past a golf course. Not exactly a nice trip through the desert, but the area at the edge of the cliff where the arrow is location is fairly isolated.

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   The arrow is located next to the highest water storage tank in the desert in Bloomington and quite easy to find, (see the map and GPX track). This navigation arrow is especially nice because of the stone plaque that is placed next to the arrow with info on their purpose, (see the video). There are some great views at the top of the cliff here. This is the southern most arrow we've included in our list of 4 arrows in Washington County, Utah.

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Bloomington Topography Map

Bloomington Navigation Arrow
Bloomington Topography Map
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