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Quail Lake Reservoir, Hurricane, Utah

Just North of St. George, take Exit 16
(State Rt. 9. Exit) go East off of I-15. 
   Getting up the steep grade to this navigation arrow should be easy for an experienced off-roader. Once on the top you'll have great views of the area surrounding this arrow location. Remember back in the early 1920's there were no interstate highways to follow. This arrow would have been easy to see from above.

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   The arrow is located just a little West of Quail Lake Reservoir on a cliff. You'll go North on Telegraph St. past the big Walmart Distribution Center to the dirt road that climbs the back side of this cliff, (see the map and GPX track link). The climb up this narrow road should only be attempted in a 4 wheel drive. It is steep and rocky, but worth the trouble. Great views await your efforts. And another good example of a Navigation Arrow. See the video, slideshow for more.

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Download the GPX track for this ARROW ---

Quail Lake Topography Map

Quail Lake Reservoir

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Quail Lake Topography Map