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Shinob Kibe Mesa, St. George, Utah

On the East side of St. George, take Exit 16
(State Rt. 9. Exit) go south on Telegraph St.. 
   There is quite a hike involved to see this navigation arrow in person. The mesa itself is quite a sight. See the video above for a good look at this navigation arrow compliments of Google Earth.

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   Look for the turn going East on South 300 East till the turn that goes North into a development that rests at the base of Shinob Kibe. You'll have to hike a ways up the Mesa to see this navigation arrow. The name Shinob Kibe (pronounced Shih-no-bee Ky-bee) and was named by the Paiute Indians. It was used by them to hide and secure their families from attacks by the Navajo Indians. Pack animals were used to build the navigation arrow on top of the mesa.

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Shinob Kibe Topography Map

Shinob Kibe Mesa
Shinob Kibe Topography Map