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Ancient Giants 2

Grand Canyon Mummies

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Spirit Cave, Lovelock, Nevada

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Certainly these are mysteries that don't have a definitive answer. Maybe in the future we'll know more about the Ancient Giants?

   One of the most interesting facets to this story are the names that have been given to several prominent features in the Grand Canyon on the North side of the Colorado River. They are: Tower of Seti, Tower of Ra, Hous Temple, Osiris Temple and Isis Temple. Why they were named like this is a mystery. This story originated in a newspaper article in the Phoenix Gazette on the 5th. of April 1909. It is supposed that a Professor S. A. Jordan of the Smithsonian Institute discovered a rock cut vault in the Grand Canyon. The cave entrance was supposedly very hard to get to.
   All of the stories about the caverns, the mummies and artifacts found relate that it is now impossible to get into this area of the Grand Canyon. It is supposedly off limits even to the Park personal. This may not be true, and in fact you can find videos of people hiking on trails right below some of the above mentioned features.
Hidden Cavern in Grand Canyon
   Of course the Smithsonian denies any knowledge of this excavation. Some researchers say this all part of their cover-up to keep this kind of thing from public knowledge and to keep our history of the Northern Hemisphere intact. HERE is the whole Newspaper article if you'd like to read it. Remember this, many discoveries of Ancient people are constantly being put forth as forgeries by archeologists and institutions. Look at the Olmec heads that depict African faces that were found in Central America. They deny that any ancient culture came to the Northern Hemisphere before Columbus other than a few that may have crossed over the Bering Straight. They are true Isolationist. They believe no one could have navigated the worlds oceans and traded with people here. Just not possible? I doubt it! What do you think?
Cave on Colorado river
   Another thing you should note, there is a photo circulating (see photo to the left) showing the entrance to the caverns with the river just below it. This doesn't make an sense either. The story goes that Professor Jordan had a very difficult time reaching the cave entrance, which he says was 2,000 ft. above the river. The one shown in the photo would be easy to reach! This cavern is seen by many people that raft the Colorado river. 

There are even drawings of the interior of the cavern. See below ---

   The best documented and most verifiable account of giant remains comes from Spirit Cave in Lovelock, Nevada. In 1911, James H. Hart and David Pugh discovered the remains of several red-haired giants as well as numerous cultural artifacts. In 1912 professional excavations under the direction of Llewellen L. Loud began. In all, almost sixty bodies were recovered. Two skulls recovered from Lovelock Cave can still be seen in museums in Winnemucca, Nevada.
   The Paiute Indians knew about this cave. In fact they have a tale about their ancestors killing all the red-haired giants, known to them as the "Si-Te-Cah" that once lived there. Later settlers worked in the cave removing bat guano that was several feet deep. During this removal they discovered artifacts and the skeletons. The Paiute's were feuding with the "Si-Te-Cah" and finally got them all into the cave and burned brush at it's entrance till they were all dead. This legend would explain how all the skeletons and bones got there.This video shows the how these remains are now being fought over by different agencies and the native American Indians.
   There are more lesser known stories about ancient giants in the desert southwest and also in the midwest. In fact more giant mummies have been found in Minnesota at the site of the Mound Builders than anywhere else in the world. Did they live all over the Northern Hemisphere?
   So why haven't we heard more about these ancient ancestors of large stature? For one thing many museums and universities keep tons of artifacts hidden from public view in their storage warehouses and basements. Artifacts that will never be put on public display. Here's what some people would like you to believe and in fact it may be true, you decide!
   The Smithsonian began to promote the idea that Native Americans, at that time being exterminated in the Indian Wars, were descended from advanced civilizations and were worthy of respect and protection. They also began a program of suppressing any archaeological evidence that lent credence to the school of thought known as Diffusionism, a school which believes that throughout history there has been widespread dispersion of culture and civilization via contact by ship and major trade routes.
Here is one example of a large institutions beliefs:

   The Smithsonian opted for the opposite school, known as Isolationism. Isolationism holds that most civilizations are isolated from each other and that there has been very little contact between them, especially those that are separated by bodies of water. In this intellectual war that started in the 1880's, it was held that even contact between the civilizations of the Ohio and Mississippi Valleys were rare, and certainly these civilizations did not have any contact with such advanced cultures as the Mayas, Toltecs, or Aztecs in Mexico and Central America. By Old World standards this is an extreme, and even ridiculous idea, considering that the river system reached to the Gulf of Mexico and these civilizations were as close as the opposite shore of the gulf. It was like saying that cultures in the Black Sea area could not have had contact with the Mediterranean.

   What this means to us concerning the Ancient Giants is simply this -- if mummies or artifacts were found then should the items be hidden and the truth suppressed? This could change the idea of how historical events unfolded in this area of the Southwest and even the world. Just simple facts like finding Macaw feathers in the Anasazi ruins of the four corners area of the Southwest means that they had to trade with native cultures in Central America. And there are so many other instances where this is shown to be true.
   Just as an example of this defiance on the part of the institutions here's a photo we took of Anasazi petroglyphs that shows a man with a beast, he's holding it's tail - lower left of the photo. This beast was large and it was in Southern Utah. During the time the Anasazi lived here there were no horses, mastodons or camels alive then, or were they still here? Archeologists won't discuss this well known petroglyph.
Petroglyphs in Utah
   Other examples of this narrow minded approach exist. One more example -- the  large stone in Los Lunas, New Mexico that is engraved with ancient text and is said to be one of the earliest texts of the 10 Commandments? This could mean that very early in our history, before Columbus, we were visited by other races of people, some of them could have been very large in stature. Maybe Phoenician, Greek, or Egyptian. HERE is the story of the find in New Mexico.
Editor's Note: These stories may in fact be true or false! Our objective here was to get you interested in the folklore and tales that exist. There are many more. During our research we've decided that many are false, but there are some that could be real. Do your own research and keep an open mind.  Now it's time for you to decide.