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Midnight at the Oasis

1957 Chevy
Willeys Jeep
Hot Rod
   Win this "57" Chevy for a $20 ticket! This is a great bonus added to the event. This event in the desert takes place over a span of 2 weeks with it culminating in a 3 day event. The last weekend they will cruise through Yuma.  March 5th, 6th, and 7th. thousands turn out to watch this spectacle. Before the big event there are a lot of runs scheduled around town. Read below for more info.
   And there will be some you couldn't imagine. Like this old Citroen from France. And it has been beautifully restored. Some of these cars are priceless. If you like old cars and hot rods then don't miss this.
   Some of these old vehicles will bring back memories. This one has a new V6 and air-conditioning. Nicely restored and upgraded 4x4. These are only a few of what can be seen at the meet here at the Sonic drive-in. This is 2 weeks before the actual event takes place! The next get together is on Friday the 26th in Old Town Yuma where you'll find a lot more people showing up. You'll see these cars all over Yuma for a couple of weeks.
   This one belongs to Denny, who owns the local transmission shop -- Team Ramco. Nicely done, and it sounds real healthy. 
   Check back and we'll have photos of the get together in Old Town Yuma on Friday. Be in Old Town at or before noon on Friday. Friday Night there's a another meet at the Cocopah Casino between 6 & 9pm, and on Saturday it'll be at the Arizona Market Place on 32nd St..Busy weekend!

March 5th, 6th, 7th  2010

We'll add to this page as events occur.
   The local radio station, 100.9  KQSR will announce all the events. So tune your radio to them or  95.1 KTTI for updates and schedules of events.

Yuma, Arizona

UPDATE  -- the Saturday meet at the swap meet starts at 9:00 AM and runs till 3:00 PM. However, the weather man is calling for a 60% chance of rain on Saturday. What this means is you'll probably be looking at mud puddles instead of cars. Most of these guys consider this a fair weather sport and won't come out in the rain and mud -- can you blame them? We'll see what happens!

Updated  3 / 07 / 10

Update -- Friday 26th  - Old Town Yuma, Az.

   The forecast for Saturday is now downgraded to 40% chance of rain, we might still make it. Today was a neat day in Old Town Yuma with a bunch of nice hot rods, and old classic cars showing up. Here are a few of them. Also note that there were more than a few booths, and food kiosks set up on the main street -- which was closed to normal traffic. And while your there you could grab a bite to eat in Lutes Casino, a famous downtown eatery.

Update -- Saturday 27th at the Arizona Market Place.

   All the talk about a bad rain storm with the possibility of hail kept a lot of the owners from bringing their vehicles to the Arizona Market Place on 32nd St.  There were 12 to 15 vehicles that did make it. Don't forget the main event is still a week away. HERE is the web site for more info    Photos of  this Saturdays event courtesy of Louise LaBarge, of the Yuma Foothills.

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Update -- Friday 5th the Fun Run.

   Altogether there were 1,011 historic cars that entered the Midinight at the Oasis. On Friday they had a poker run and then later there was a Fun Run around a course South of Town. It started at the Yuma Greyhound Park and ended at the Desert Sun Stadium. We caught almost 400 of the vehicles and photographed most of them on the course. Below is a small slide show of a few of the cars that entered. The Fun Run started at 4:30 and there were thousands of people parked all along the roads waiting to see the classic vehicles and hot rods.

To see the 388 vehicles we photographed during the Fun Run click  HERE  for a slide show.

Don't miss this next year!

   The people that ran this Car Show did an excellant job. Also we should mention here that the law enforcement personal that controlled the traffic also did a great job, very helpful and freindly.