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   Thanks to digital cameras everybody today is a photographer, and this is good. Anyone can go out and buy a nice Point & Shoot or a  D-SLR camera and a few lenses and take great photos in the desert. This is true if you take a little time to learn how to use it and spend a little time here learning the basics and a few tricks of the trade.

Photography in the Desert

5. How much extra stuff do I need?     A minimal amount, but there are extras that you should have and really do need.
4. What's the downside to P&S cameras?  This is a great question with an honest answer.

3. Do I need to learn Photoshop?    No, There is a new software now available, see above.You'll be absolutely amazed at what you can do with this software. Also the newer version's of Photo Shop Elements are easier to use.

2. Do I need a big zoom?  The answer to that one is easy if you know what other questions to ask yourself about your type of photography in the desert.
1. Which one is best? We'll showcase a good camera right here to the left. These probably won't be available for to long. Great image quality and video.

Point & Shoot Cameras

   Everyone is having a blast with the new digital cameras and the medium is cheap. Digital memory cards are at an all time low and cameras are really inexpensive. Even if you don't have a computer, you can still go to Walgreens or some other store and look at the photos and get prints made of the ones you like. If you have a computer then you're really set. So if your considering a camera or looking for a light, easy to carry camera, or if you want to shoot videos in the desert then see the link below.

All you need to know about Point & Shoot Cameras

   Here's a few things you should know and some tricks that will help you to be a better photographer, no matter what your using to take pictures, P&S or D-SLR,  these tips will help. This help section is geared toward photography in the desert, but you will also be able to use this information anywhere your taking photographs. Don't miss the other links below.
                                                      See the Link Below.

Helpful Hints, tips and using filters,    HELP

Tricks of the Trade

You'll find the answers to these questions and more in the link below.

   You've been using a D-SLR for a while now but you want to learn more. How to get those photographs that make people say WOW? What software to use and why? How to make a photograph POP? How to protect your images on the web, and more? Photography basics will get you started in the right direction. Learn how your camera works and how it can improve your photography skills.

Helpful Articles!

Here are a few articles to help with your photography in this new digital age..

11/09/09        Protecting your images on the web.         Myths and Information.
11/09/09        Composition - Rule of thirds         Is it always necessary? Other issues.
10/12/16        HDR High Dynamic Range            Updated New Best software
01/11/10        Resizing, Optimizing, Saving         Includes sharpening - when to?
11/05/10        Cleaning the Camera, Lenses       Important - How to; correctly!
Kodak Brownie
Kodak Duaflex III
Kodak camera
12/10/09        Saving your Photographs              So you won't lose them!
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01/25/10        Replacing the Sky in Photos          Fixing a drab looking sky.
01/31/10        Photographing Desert Flowers      Ideas for great photos, tips & tricks.
02/18/10        Printing your photos                       How to and other options.

Corel's Imaging and Video Software

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11/22/10        Monitors and more                         Cleaning and color calibration!
01/03/11        Camera Hack                                 Improving Camera Performance!

02/17/11        Night Photography                          Getting the perfect Night Shot!

    Here's a question you need to answer, before you go out and buy a new camera.
DO YOU REALLY NEED TO SPEND THAT MUCH? Or would a good P&S (Point & Shoot) work just as well? Yes we use several D-SLR's and also have a P&S. About half of the photos here on this site were taken with a P&S. Like the one I took of my wife in the header at the top of this page, where she's holding a big camera and a 300mm lens. So look at the different sections below and decide for yourself -- what do I need for my style of photography, and how much do I want to drag around with me? All questions you need to answer before jumping into the new digital age. Digital photography is here to stay, just like cell phones -- so enjoy it - it really is fun!

10/07/11        Panoramas                                     Making a great panorama!

Featured Photographer

   Meet this years photographer, featured on "In the Desert". Yvonne Baur's work can be seen here. Photography, canyoneering, hking and camping.

Drones in the desert

12/08/11        Photography Basics                       With this you can do anything!

03/12/12        Making a Video                               Help making a video!

09/05/12        Photographing Sunsets                 Suggestions for gettting the best results!

09/26/12        ISO Settings                                   ISO test you should run on your camera!

   Events     Weather     Writer's Cafe     City Profiles     Life in the Desert      Local Happenings

12/13/13        Testing New Camera                     Is this camera right for you?

The latest promotions sponored by Topaz Labs can be found here.

   A long time favorite of in the desert with an amazing look at his work wtih 3D Spherical Panoramas. Beautiful scenery in Utah comes to life with Martin's expertise.

JPEGmini Review

   Really nice software for saving disc space and compressing file sizes without loosing image quality. It really does work! And it is reasonably priced software.

   Corel has just come out with AfterShot Pro version 2.3 and the new PaintShop Pro X8 for Windows 10.  Plus reviews of all their older versions. See what's new, and how this software can help you with your photography and video work.

09/15/14        Copyrights                                      Should you use them, how?

Topaz Labs, Plug-ins

   These are the best plug-ins available for your imaging work. Do you consider yourself a good photographer? If so then this is just what you need to make your photos stand out. Easy corrections to make all your photos look the way you want them to look.

09/06/15        Light Painting                                  Here's something you should try!

2015 - Denny Thurston

   We spend the entire year looking for a photographer in the desert with outstanding photographs and a unique style. Denny got this years nomination because he excels at both. He is a true "professional photographer".
   For Philippe composition and the right "light" is key to great photographs.
   The latest technological advance in photography and videography. Literally hundreds to choose from.

Macphun Software, Mac, Apple

   If you're a professional or enthusiast using a Mac then here's a software package you should look into. The Creative Kit incorporates 6 individual softwares to improve your photography. Plus the new Aurora HDR software. Don't miss this!

02/12/17        Ephemeris                                      Rise and setting of the moon and sun.