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Red Hills South, Utah

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Black Rock Mt., Drill Hole Loop Rd.

Map of Red Hills, Utah
   Really nice way to spend a day in the desert. We've all seen those antennas on top of a high mountain. But did you ever think about going up there? Heck of a view.
   The track shown here in "green" is the road up to the top of the mountain and the antennas. The last part of this road is for 4 wheel drive only travel. Very steep and a lot of loose rock when you get near the top. If narrow roads and heights bother you then this might not be a trip you'd want to go on. On the way we took a side detour, "yellow track", around the Drill Hole Loop Rd.

A video of the trip!

A view from the top!

   The town of Parowan is just off the center to the right and back against the mountains in the background. The Little Salt Lake is barely visible on the left hand side of this pano in the valley. There are a lot of roads to explore on differnt sections of this daytrip. Look at the topo below for a reference. Enlarge the above photo for more detail!
   The video above will give you an idea of the varied scenery you'll see along the way on this trip in the desert. The last part of the climb up the mountain is not for the weak hearted, so take care. It is worth the time to get up there. Keep an eye peeled for wildlife, as this is a great place to see Eagle's nesting in the spring.

Wikimapia Map

Interactive Map of the area -- Black Rock Antennas are located here.

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   This is a really fun trip with a few minor challenges and some great rewards. Take a camera!
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 Parowan Gap is also just north of
Panoramic View from Black Rock Mt.