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Lost Soldier's Gold

The name is not completely correct!  Keep reading to see why.

   First let's give credit to Vince Breit the Historian in Wellton for suppling the information for this lost gold story. Now one of the reasons we were so interested in this story is because it is not common knowledge, unlike other more popular lost gold stories. These are the ones that should interest you. So let's start off with the soldier's part of the tale.
   Back in mid 1940's they trained troops in the art of desert warfare and used a lot of areas near Yuma, Arizona for training. On the days that will interest us they dropped 5 soldiers off in the desert somewhere North of Dateland up near Quartszite and told them to make their way back to the main camp (Fort Horn Monument) near Hyder. They were supposed to live off the land -- can you imagine that?  They only had a few supplies and a compass to get back. They made it back, but on the way back they came across 2 stacks of gold bars in the desert. They counted them at least twice and came up with a total of 220 bars. WOW! But their main problem was how to get back to camp alive. And they didn't want anyone else to know of their find, or they'd surely loose it.
   Their plan was to come back after their tour of duty and spend the rest of their lives as wealthy gentlemen. So they tried to find noticeable landmarks to relocate the bars, then reluctantly headed back to camp. During the war 3 of the 5 were killed and one of the 2 remaining was in a mental hospital. The last surviving member decided to go it alone. He camped in Dateland (this was confirmed by Vince) and spent years looking north of Fort Horn, but of course he never relocated the hoard of bars. There is more information that won't be included here because of a request for privacy. But the above is true to the best of my knowledge..
   Not being able to relocate it is understandable. Is this nonsense? Just another tale that someone dreamed up? Probably, but what if it isn't? And why would someone today say that they met with the man that spent years searching the desert with no luck. Maybe just to get us to go looking for ourselves? I doubt it, the man who knew him is now too old to look anymore himself, so why not tell someone. So where did this gold come from? More on Page 2

West of Hyder, Arizona

Gold Bars

Gold bars, Mexico

   Back in the late 1800's into the early 1900's the Mexicans were just as busy mining as we were here in the USA. Their problem was selling it for a good price. Now back then gold wasn't worth what it is today here, but even back then they could get a lot better price by shipping it over the border and selling it in the US. Of course they could get robbed, by banditos, or maybe even worse, Indians. Either way they'd lose the gold and probably their lives. So they brought it up to the States through little used trails to get it to a city where they sell it.
   Of course back then the method of delivery was wagon train, in this case one wagon. It broke down while coming into a mountain range in the area mentioned above. So they stacked the bars and left to go get another wagon to continue their trip -- what happened next is anyone's guess, but it was never heard of again --  maybe killed by Indians or robbers, who knows. This part of the story ends here!
   We couldn't find out what size the bars where -- but if they were 80 pound bars then at todays prices we're looking at $960,000 a bar. You can figure out the other possibilities yourself. But now you know why we were interested. Is it like finding a needle in a haystack? No it's probably worse. Did the army guys cover it up? I'd bet they did, making it even harder to find.
   You may disagree but I think this is one of the best lost gold stories to surface. It's little known and thanks to Vince the people who know about it won't be talking to anyone else. Now if you'd like to go looking for it yourself, then here's a map of the suspected area that it's located in. It's a rough area with few roads, but we did go into the area in June of 2010 just to get a feel for the place. Remote, lonely and extremely rugged.

The map showing the area ---


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Treasure Map

Daytrips into this area can be found    HERE

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New Info added    Page 3

   More info, photos, and a new GPS track was added after our latest trek into the area looking for the gold bars. See Page 3.

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