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Summer Games

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June 1st,  26th  2011

Cedar City, Utah

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For more info see the list below!

   The summer games encompasses a large number of events over a 26 day period in Cedar City, Utah.  We only had time to witness the opening ceremonies "fireworks", the Moto Trials, and the Rifle Shooting events at the local shooting range. A complete list of events is at the bottom of the page. This time of the year Utah is the place to be!

Shortened version of the fireworks display at the opening ceremonies.

Video of the Rifle Competition. 
   This is a short video of the rifle shooting event. The older gentleman in the video won this competition for 26 years straight! What else can you say? He is now helping his grand kids in the event. To get into any of these events there is an entry fee of only $35.00. They also had a cowboy shoot that looked to be a lot of fun too.

5 K Run/Walk
10K Run
Arm Wrestling
Basketball - Adult
Basketball - Youth
Basketball Skills
Bass Fishing
Cowboy Action Shooting
Equestrian - All Breed Amateur Show
Equestrian - Barrels & Poles Adult
Equestrian - Dressage/Combined Training
Equestrian - Reining and Working Cow
Golf - Adult
Gymnastics - Girls
Moto Trials
Power Lifting

List of events at the Summer Games!

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Because of the large file size on this video you may want to pause it to allow it to load first.
Southern Utah University, Cedar City, Utah
   The opening ceremonies were held at SUU (Southern Utah University). There was a lot going on before the fireworks display took place. This is an annual event.
    We video taped the fireworks from an overlook in the mountains 1/2 mile east of the field.

Fireworks, Opening Ceremonies

Rifle, Shooting Event

Shooting Event
Shooting Event
    This competition is for grown-ups and  kids alike. The younger entrants are taught safety, responsibility, and how to use a weapon. When they are done shooting they have to place a (YELLOW) plug in the breach to show that the weapon is empty. Everyone here really enjoyed themselves. The weapon of choice, as shown here is the derivative of the military M-16.

Moto Trials

Moto Trials Bike
   Not knowing what to expect -- except the event was some sort of off-road challenge for trail bikes, this came as quite a surprise. We'd never seen an off-road bike without a seat before. The idea is to not sit down and never put your foot on the ground for balance. Light weight and able to climb almost anything this was a real treat to see this sport in action. Don't miss the video.
Short video of the Moto Trials 
Power Tumbling
Sailing - Catamaran & Dinghy
Sailing - Keelboats
Sailing - Windsurfer & Kiteboard
Shooting 1
Soccer - 3X3
Soccer - Youth
Softball - Fastpitch
Softball - Slowpitch
Table Tennis
Tae Kwon Do
Track & Field
Trap Shooting
Ultimate Frisbee
Water Polo
Exhibition Events
Cedar City PRCA Championship Rodeo
   As you can see by the list below there isn't much that is left out for games. Any of these interest you? Come and join the fun next year!