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Rodents -- 08/12/18  - Ever see a Yellow-bellied Marmot, here's one.
New Plant Listing --  04/17/18   Banana Yuca, and they are edible, what else, take a look.

Weather in the desert

   Wonder what the weather is like in the Grand Canyon right now, or maybe in Denver, Albuquerque,  Tuscon, Yuma, or a dozen other places in the Southwest. Here's a great map with weather monitors in the desert Southwest. NEW multiple featured map included.


   Dave Taylor is the chief contributor and writer for the site. Dave's stories have always intrigued me, made me laugh, and made me feel like I was right there in the story myself. He's very talented and you really shouldn't miss this section. Five stories now available!
   Dave Taylor has been writing since he was ten, and occasionally selling articles, short stories and at least one book, dating back to the 1980’s. For the last twenty years people have been telling him he should write for a living. Sadly, at 53, it doesn’t appear to be in the cards. Read More.
Writers Cafe    Sit back and relax -- every story is an adventure!
Drones Page 2 --  05/24/18   Latest and best listed w/ info, don't miss page 1.
The Demon of West Texas, a new E-book by Author Dave Taylor.

Life in the Desert

   Ever wonder just exactly where the Sonoran Desert is or maybe the Great Basin Desert or the Mojave, or the Chihuahuan Desert is located? Other things you'll want to know about the desert can be found here also. If your visiting the desert then you should look here first..
Weather Map -- 08/21/18   New weather map with a lot of new features.
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The Jack and Martha Wilbanks story. A real story of survival in the desert southwest!.

Birds -- 11/03/18  --  Excellent photo & info on the Snowy Egret just added.


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   Events     Weather     Writer's Cafe     City Profiles     Life in the Desert      Local Happenings

Arrastra  --  05/21/18    Like gold mining, then you need to see this.
Solar Farms --    09/26/18    Why you should care about these solar farms-what's to like.
Lost Cabin -- 12/05/18   A cabin in a rock, More finds in the Mineral Mnts, Must see!
Lone Pine Arch -- 05/08/18   Little known Arch, Petroglyphs, Caves, Gold Mines & Scenery.
Panamint Mts --    10/05/18   Off road trip to mines, cabins you can stay in, and more.
Fluorescence 2 -- 05/11/18   What else is a UV Black Light good for? Take a look.
West Mt Towers  --    10/31/18   New exciting off road trip to the top, must see this.

Fishing, Crayfishing

Largemouth Bass Fishing --   Best fishing in the desert!

   You probably don't know how much fun this can be! And we've got a lot of good tips to make your next trip a real success. Catch the lunkers the easy way - have fun doing it!
Brian Head  --   08/11/18   Great overlooks, high elevations, & Mammoth Cave.
Western Leaf-nosed snake --    07/19/18    Non-venomous snake added.


Scenic Trips and History --   Great way to see the desert!

   We'll start off with some of the history and what you might find while traveling in the desert. Interesting sights can be found, a lot more than we've published here. And, of even greater interest, trips in the desert southwest by rail line. Long trips, short trips, with videos, maps.


   You're always finding rocks in the desert and wondering what they are. Some are really colorful. And what about Volcanoes, Sand Dunes, Aluvial Fans, Desert Varnish, Malpais and Rocks and Mnerals. Are any of these of interest to you? This new section will have something a traveler in the desert should find interesting.  UPDATED section on Fluorescense of rocks & minerals!
Sign Blindness  --    09/06/18   Yes it is curable, you can help those afflicted with the disease.

Vandalism, Secret Locations

Secret Locations --   How does this affect you?

   You can leave a comment on this topic and see how others feel about keeping some of the roads, mines, petroglyphs, and other areas in the desert a "Secret". Here's your chance to have your say.

Vandalism in the desert --   How does this affect you?

Wild Horses

   Remember the old western movies with wild horses roaming in the desert? Are they still there? For how long? There's a raging debate about this "Symbol of the Old West". BLM is capturing and removing them, and other groups want this to stop. Is this about the almighty buck or is this for the good of the Mustangs? Make up your own mind. Read more after the link....
   Listings for 18 of the best Ghost Towns in the desert southwest. Some are small, some are really big sites. Some are private (phone numbers listed for entrance) most are on public land. You don't want to miss these if you like seeing how people survived in the desert long ago.

Ghost Towns

   Navigating by plane back in the early 1900's was nothing like today. See what we found in Southern Utah. Locations, maps, GPX tracks and video/photos.

Navigation Arrows

Summer Solstice -- 06/23/18 Neat, informative event, w/ a lot of petroglyphs - sunset.

Waterglyphs, Petroglyphs

   Have you ever seen one? Do you know what they mean? Have you ever heard of them? How many of them are out in the desert? Where can they be found? More mystery than answers.
Yellow-backed Spiny Lizard --   04/16/18   Colorful new lizard listing by Greg Watson.
Little Creek Mesa --    06/23/18   Video of new trip to the mesa just added.

Crayfish, Crawdads, Mudbugs --   Different way to fish!

   Have you ever thought about fishing for Crayfish in the desert? We have and had a lot of luck and some good eating afterwards. Join us and the team at "Crayster" to see what's new and how to.

4X4 Maintenance

   Here's a few things you may not know about maintaining your off road vehicle. Included in this article: Oil Changes, Replacing Tires, Replacing Brakes, Battery Maintenance and Air Filters. You will find things you did not know. See the link above --

Road Signs -- 07/19/18   New "Alien" sign added.

YouTube Channels

   Here's a few YouTube channels you'll want to visit. Mine exploration, Geology/finding gold and other interesting topics concerning things to do in the desert.

Solar Farms

   There is a lot of negative rumors about solar farms. We're here to tell you why you should like them and how they'll affect you. What is the difference between a solar "plant" and solar farms?