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Moon Eclipse--    04/16/14   Have you ever seen a "Blood Moon" with an eclipse?
Ring-tailed Cat -- 01/27/14   Seldom seen, but worth a look - amazing photo.

Weather in the desert

   Wonder what the weather is like in the Grand Canyon right now, or maybe in Denver, Albuquerque,  Tuscon, Yuma, or a dozen other places in the Southwest. Here's a great map with weather monitors in the desert Southwest. The best way to check the weather in the desert Southwest.


   Dave Taylor is the chief contributor and writer for the site. Dave's stories have always intrigued me, made me laugh, and made me feel like I was right there in the story myself. He's very talented and you really shouldn't miss this section. Five stories now available!
   Dave Taylor has been writing since he was ten, and occasionally selling articles, short stories and at least one book, dating back to the 1980’s. For the last twenty years people have been telling him he should write for a living. Sadly, at 53, it doesn’t appear to be in the cards. Read More.
Writers Cafe    Sit back and relax -- every story is an adventure!

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Product Reviews

Events -- Updated - For the month of April. -  Updated 03 / 31 / 14
Just released -- The Demon of West Texas, a new E-book by Author Dave Taylor.

Product Reviews --   Don't miss this section!

   Binoculars, tires, GPS's, mapping software, C-rations, safety equipment, backpacks, off-road products and digital cameras. Find a product for in the desert use that will really enhance your experience and travels in the desert southwest. Amazon E-Stores added. Some of these products might save your life!

Life in the Desert

   Ever wonder just exactly where the Sonoran Desert is or maybe the Great Basin Desert or the Mojave, or the Chihuahuan Desert is located? Other things you'll want to know about the desert can be found here also. If your visiting the desert then you should look here first..

Argosy in the Desert

   The Lost Lamp Shade Lady Mine -- (NEW update)  how did it get that name? We heard about it in 1992. We found it - December of 2009! You won't believe what we found and the still unanswered questions that survived with the contents of  the mine. (latest entry - Black Point Mystery) Have you heard about the underground river that runs from Pyramid Lake and ends in the Sea of Cortez? We have a theory and now the story is live. What about the lost Ancient American people that were gigantic in size. Know where the artifacts where found?  Want to help us out here?  Then E-mail us.

Argosy --  A rich source or supply: an argosy of adventure lore.

Insects --    01 /16/14    Rhine Beetle added, the biggest bug in the desert.

City Profiles

   All the states and cities in the Southwest listed with information on the population, land size, races, crimes, weather, and nearest big and small towns. Also included are Wikimapia Maps with a wealth of information on locations of buildings of importance, gas stations, motels, hotels, military bases and Census Bureau Maps.  Compiled and edited by Linda Gilmore
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The Jack and Martha Wilbanks story. A real story of survival in the desert southwest!.

Local Happenings

   This page will continue to grow and update with the local happenings in the desert Southwest. Car Shows, Air Shows, Festivals, races, animals, just to mention a few of the exciting things happening in the desert. Running updates will be posted here. Advance listings on the Events Page.
Bald Eagle --    01 /27/14   Just added with a nice enlargement and info.
New Camera --   12/13/13  - Test you can do before you buy or return the camera.


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   Events     Weather     Writer's Cafe     City Profiles     Life in the Desert      Local Happenings

Airing Down --  02/21/14    Pros & Cons, equipment and other facts.
Lampshade Lady Mine --    01/17/14    Update on the Mine with photos.
Black Point Mystery -- 11/17/13   New Map, more photos added, found......
Road Signs --    03/10/14    Page 1 & 2 new signs added. Want to share?
Birds --    11/04/13   1 New listings w/ enlargement, Western Meadowlark.
More petroglyphs -- 03/24/14   On a hunt for Dinosaur tracks - see what we found.
Big Eye Mine  --    01/29/14   One of the best preserved mines in Arizona.


Largemouth Bass Fishing --   Best fishing in the desert!

   You probably don't know how much fun this can be! And we've got a lot of good tips to make your next trip a real success. Catch the lunkers the easy way - have fun doing it!
Topaz Labs Sale  --    03/10/14   This sale is now over!
Black Warrior Mine  --    02/11/14   Interesting mine and historic places, great scenery.
Sand Dunes --   01/01/14   Imperial/Algodones dunes, make plans to visit them this weekend.
ID Requests --    01/09/14    Look for this on certain pages  "Need an ID  START HERE"
Easter --    04/05/14    Dave Taylor takes us on a camping trip on Easter in the desert


Scenic Trips and History --   Great way to see the desert!

   We'll start off with some of the history and what you might find while traveling in the desert. Interesting sights can be found, a lot more than we've published here. And, of even greater interest, trips in the desert southwest by rail line. Long trips, short trips, with videos, maps.

Desert Varnish

   What's changing the appearance of our beautiful desert? How long has this been going on?