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   Dave Taylor has been writing since he was ten, and occasionally selling articles, short stories and at least one book, dating back to the early 1980's. For the last twenty years people have been telling him he should write for a living. Sadly, at 53, it doesn't appear to be in the cards. Hopefully in the desert will have a great effect on his notoriety.
   The Anza-Borrego Desert State Park and the surrounding land has been apart of Dave's life since he was eight years old and they finished S-2 through the Sweeney Pass. He didn't become passionate about it, though, until 25 years ago, when he and his young bride found themselves spending more and more time off-roading, hiking and camping in the mountains and washes of the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, Table Mountain, Davies Valley and especially Moon Valley. Now, with three children and a 20 year-old motorhome, David and His Horde have gone to exploring more of the southwest, including Arizona, Utah, New Mexico and Nevada.
                 God Help Us All.
Dave maintains what he calls a 'vanity site' at, where you can find his non-desert-related articles, short stories and books.
Children of Toana    by Dave Taylor
   The Children of Toana  -  A scary story told around the campfire. Remember this happening when you were a just a kid, out camping for the first time. You can imagine yourself being right there, listening to this scary tale. Dave has added a little history to this one at the end of the story.
The Slimy Dawn of an Assault Gardener       by Dave Taylor
   If you live in the desert Southwest and have a garden or even if your not a native to the Southwest, the constant battle to be an organic gardener is related here in vivid detail. Many gardeners in the desert fight the same fight every season. Told as only Dave Taylor can tell a tale like this and make a mundane story be fun and have so much appeal.
Desert Wash Parade          by Dave Taylor
   Dave Taylor is not just a writer; he's also an adventurer. His travels have taken him all over the Southwest, and in his travels he and his family have witnessed some of the desert's secrets. Here's a perfect example -- written in a style that could only be from Dave Taylor. Another one of his true tales that will keep you captivated and make you wish you were there with him and his wife. 
Ambush in the Iceplant         By Dave Taylor
  Dave Taylor is the head writer for the Writers Cafe here In The Desert, and will be exposing us to more of his wit and great adventures in the desert Southwest.
   Dave Taylor's satire about gardening in the desert will make you think; then it'll make you laugh. Don't miss this if you've ever had a garden or even thought of having one. Dave's wit in this partially fictional tale is outstanding.   Don't miss this one!
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Bounder Blues     by Dave Taylor
   Did you ever think that maybe someday you'd like to pick up a used motor home and travel the west seeing the sites in comfort. What with the economy crunch it's an excellent time to pick one up for a paltry sum. Maybe you already have a fancy new one, but remember when you bought that first one? Read Dave's adventure about his first outing with his new to him Bounder. You'll envy his stamina.  Just added on  02-08-10

Taming the Kofa's

    Ever wonder what it was like to live in the desert in the mountains, back in the early 1900's? Here's the true story of one family and their stuggles to survive in the Kofa Wildlife Refuge just Southeast of Quartszite, Arizona. The Wilbanks Cabin has been a popular place for off roaders to venture to, it's very remote to this day. If you are going to venture to the Cabin, or have already been there,  read this story of what life was like back then. Written by Jack Wilbanks daughter, Barbie. You'll see how hard things really were back then, and the rewards of toughing it out.  
The Jack and Martha Wilbanks Story
Barbara Wilbanks Washum
One of the most interesting true wild west stories you'll ever read.
A trip to this area can be found HERE

Contributed by Dave Taylor

    In his travels in the desert Dave Taylor not only hunts old ranches, stage stops, graveyards and the like, but also tales of how the history of an area, or era, unfolded. Here are two such tales of ghosts that you might well meet if you travel to the Vallecitos Stage Station. If you like the Anza Borrego Desert State Park then here are two short stories you'll enjoy.

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Oriflamme Cathedral   by Dave Taylor
   If you ever thought of spending Easter in the desert, then read this. You might want to rethink camping out at Easter time.