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Featured Photographer

Bill Algeyer  

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Bill Algeyer's Slideshow

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   If you watch the entire video above in full screen HD you'll see why we chose Bill for this years "featured photographer". He finds different ways and different prospectives for photographing his subjects. We certainly enjoyed looking at all his work and his Youtube videos are always interesting. Thanks for allowing us to share this Bill!
   For camera gear his choice (and it's a great one) is the Sony a 7ii, shown here on the right. He uses Adobe Lightroom to finish he work and complement it. Now if you want to see more of his work - on Youtube or his personal photography collection then below you'll find links to both.

Here is a small sample of his unusual captures.

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   Bill loves to make videos of his many trips in the desert. He has quite the collection on Youtube and this is what originally got our attention. Bill mentioned to us that he also spends a lot of time with his photography work. Of course we had to look at this awesome collection of photos from all the southwest, and other places. Our slideshow below is only a small collection of photographs placed here to give you an idea of just accomplished he is. 
Editors Note
Bill Algeyer
Sony a7 ii camera
   We look each year for a new photographer to feature. In 2018 we had no luck. Why? Because there are hundreds of people out there that do take a great photo once in a while, but then there are very few that do that on a regular basis, Bill Algeyer is one of those few, along with the others we've chosen in the past. Take a look at his work in the video below.