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New Map System

Link to the map -- BELOW

   This link will take you to the CalTopo Map on their web site. We think you'll find this map a valuable asset in planning trips in the desert.

CalTopo Hi-res Topo Map

In The Desert

   If you do not have a Topo Map Program on your computer then you'll find this map invaluable for travel in the desert because you can load topo tracks (GPX tracks) onto the map from your computer! For instance: you could download a GPX topo track from one of the daytrips here and then open it on this map and zoom in for the best detail available anywhere. Here's a gpx track to try on the map in the link below ---  GPX TRACK

CalTopo Map Tutorial

   Editors note: This map system is oustanding because of the quality of the Topography in the map and mainly because you can import your own GPX/KML tracks. Even if you have a GPS unit, tablet or phone with gps abilities then you'll really like having the ability to see and work on tracks on your desktop/laptop with this program. Now you can view the tracks on our Daytrips Page in Google Maps and in a Hi-res topo map.
   When you download a topo track zip file here you'll need to double click on the zip file to open it. Once it's open you'll have to copy and paste/save the gpx file to a folder in your computer. Remember where you put it!
multiple tracks will take longer to load in the CalTopo Map.

   This is without a doubt the best way to learn to use the CalTopo Map System. It's explained in an easy to understand format. They show you how to use the map layers, shaded relief, adding markers (waypoints) / tracks and how to import and export GPX tracks and more. This tutorial was done by the Columbia River Orienteering Club.

CalTopo Map Link

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CalTopo Topography Map Menu
CalTopo Topography Map Menu
   ABOVE: This is where you Import and Choose the files (GPX or KML) tracks that you want to see on the map. To view a topo map in shaded relief see above.
   On the right side of the map you'll see this (graphic to the right). If you click on the Hybrid drop down arrow you'll be able to choose either a topo or a Google Layer map. More on this in the tutorial video below.
   This map system can also generate maps in PDF format for those wishing to use that format for trip documentaries. Or you can print them for use out in the field. See the tutorial below for more info.
Zoom Control
You can use the zoom slider on the map or double click the area of interest to zoom in..
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CalTopo map

Map Interface

Open the CalTopo Map in your browser--

CalTopo Map

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