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Wildlife and Landscapes

   "I started taking photos just for fun, as a hobby to replace some of life's stressors, and excape from reality. It has since grown into my greatest passion, it's one of the great things in my life that has many meanings for me, at the same time I can't really put it into words." 

Featured Photographer

Chet Steele  

   "I'm always looking for the next picture, the next moment, the next once in a life time shot, its exhilarating and challenging. It's like a rush. It takes patience, sometimes I just sit and wait for hours until the moment I'm waiting for happens, other times it's just there and I have to respond quickly before that moment passes."

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Chet Steele's Slideshow

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   We spend a lot of time reviewing different works by many different photographers through out the year. And there are a lot of up and coming photographers that do excellent work. We try to find photographers that have a unique style and can capture a wide variety of scenes and wildlife in the desert of the southwest that make you want to see more of their work. Photography now is as much an art form as it is just capturing reality. Chet has his own style and we look forward to seeing more of his work.
   "I capture scenes in my photographs that are seen in a way they aren't seen in everyday life. I take time to explore nature and all its wonders. Capturing a moment that can't be reseen or redone and when the moment has passed, I go out and search for another one-time moment."
   "For my go to camera gear, I use the Canon 5d mark IV and my Canon 80d. And my go lenses are the Tamron 150-600mm, the Canon 50mm and the Rokinon 14mm wide angle lens."

Here is a small sample of his outstanding work in his unique style.

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Chet Steele
Chet Steele
   Chet spends most of his time photographing in the desert of southern California and resides in the northern Mojave Desert.
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Photo Courtesy of David Johnson