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Video: How to work with Studio? Old Free version.

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Topaz Studio

Photography Software Review

   The FREE version of Studio is no longer available. Please see the links at the top of the page for the new Topaz Studio 2. It has all the options, features, plug-ins and some new AI programs included. Try the trial version first!
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   If you already own some, or all, of Topaz Labs plug-ins then there is a good chance you are using the FREE base imaging program. The FREE version of Topaz Studio is no longer available!
   However, now you can purchase Topaz Studio 2 for $99.99 and it has all the adjustments, plug-ins and several new AI series software's in it. Which makes this one heck of a deal. I really hated to see them close out their previous plug-ins and other tools that were available in the FREE version, but such is life and it's always changing. If you're a Topaz fan then this new program is just what you've been waiting for.
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   This is a very simplistic view of the workings of the program and by no means shows all of the features that are available. It is only meant to get you, the photographer, to try some of the different aspects and features in this program. There are many, many, features and it will take some time to learn them all. But, at least with this program the learning curve is much easier than in many of the other imaging programs out there today. Amateur or professional, this software has almost all the options you'll ever need! This will remain for older users!
    JUST ADDED:   You've heard of masking in photography software, right? You've also heard, or know, how much time it takes and how hard this is to do. Here's a short video tutorial on one of the best features of this program. It's easy to use and adds a great option to image color correction and detail enhancement. This really does, easily, solve a problem!

See " Just Added " below

Topaz Studio 2
   Our video tutorials will remain below for those that are staying with the FREE version and are using the plug-ins with another base imaging program. If you go to any of the new links here, you can get a trial version
   Don't hesitate to get their trial version and give this new program a try. Now all the features are in one place.