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Wind Turbines, Milford, Minersville, Utah

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Wind Turbines, Wind Farms
   This is a great way to generate Mega Watts of power in the desert without affecting the environment in a negative way. This is a big "Wind Farm" and is one of the first in the desert Southwest. There are 165 wind turbines in the array that produce 306 Mega Watts of power. It costs 60 million dollars to install this complex and can produce enough power for 75,000 homes. However, the power from this complex is routed to the Los Angeles Metro area. Why? The town of Milford is a very small community. The hotel in town (see below) was built in 1913 for the rail workers and miners in the area.
Milford Hotel
   So why come out here to see the "Wind Farm"? Everyone that travels in the desert Southwest has at one time or another seen wind turbines. Some have been photographed thousands of times, to say the least. But most are seen from quite a distance away and their huge size and perspective can't be seen at these far distances. Even when you get closer it's hard to tell just how big they really are. In the video below we've endeavored to give you an idea of how big they are. Next time you see a wind farm you'll want to get a little closer to one of these magnificent man made structures.

A close look at a Wind Turbine

View full screen for a better experince!

   A little more information: - the turbines are approx. 400 ft. tall to the tip of an extended blade. 107 General Electric XLE turbines each produce 1.5 MW of power while 58 Clipper Windpower Liberty C99 turbines each produce 2.5 MW of power. They do use a small amount of electricity themselves. They have brakes to keep them from over-spinning and getting out of control. They also have an electric motor to get them spinning after they have been sitting dormant from a lack of wind. They also have fans to keep the generators cool (listen to the video). This area has solar farms, geothermal production plants and this large wind farm. Interesting area. And above all else see why we were astounded by the size of these turbines!
Wind Turbine
   Our Mineral Mountain forays all started as a small side daytrip into the southern end of the mountains to find the Lincoln Mine (Utah's first mine). From there we kept going back and through the advent of 4 daytrips we've seen a lot of the mountains and the surrounding area. Our last trip brought us through the Wind Farms. Here's a look at the other trips into this vast, desolate and really quite unique mountainous area next to the Great Basin Desert. And there is more we haven't seen yet!
Daytrip toLincoln Mine - Southern end of the Mineral Mts.
Daytrip toRock Corral Recreation Area - gigantic batholith, gold
mines and a lot of snakes.
Daytrip to -  Soldier's Pass, Blundell Geothermal Power Plant, fumaroles's, a brothel and gigantic obsidian beds.
Daytrip toSearch for the Chocolate Chip Cabin, Part 1 and Part 2. The cabin made these daytrips worthwhile!
   We originally drove through this wind farm on the way back from our Search for the Lost Cabin and because we felt so overwhelmed by the size of these turbines we came back so we could share this experience with you in photos and video. We hope we succeeded!