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Day Trips in the Desert, USA


New Mexico   ----   Land of Enchantment  -- This really is an amazing place to visit, with Pronghorn Antelope roaming the plains, old Indian Ruins, and one of the largest Radio Observatories in the world, and don't forget - Chili Capitol of the world.  Visit this beautiful state.
   About these day trips to Mexico. We can not be held responsible for any problems you encounter on trips listed here to other countries or even to trips listed in the USA. We advise you to talk to someone of authority about traveling in a foreign country. Check the safety of the region your planning to visit prior to leaving. Conditions change and we do not represent any of these areas as being safe to travel in. You can get a Passport Card instead of a standard Passport for less than half the cost of a Passport. Check this site for more info --    Government Passport Information


Day Trips in the Desert

Really fun OLD town
Near Las Vegas
Visit a hot spring 
in the desert!
Nice trip -
Petrified Wood!
Nice Petroglyphs
& Spring

Old mine and cabin,
nice scenery

Neat trip with a view!

Huge area- Ghost
Town of Swansea

North of Hyder, Az.

The South Rim

Tuweep Overlook!

Petroglyphs and
Gila River

Day Trip up Rt. 88,
Apache Junction, Az.

Winter playground

Slot Canyons --
take a camera!

Butterfield Stage Route
great scenery!

Day trip around
Picacho Peak

Includes day trips
to other areas.

Part of the
Bradshaw Trail

Ladder and Box Canyon
and the Salton Sea

Gold mines and more

Little known gold
mining area!

Salvation Mt. and
the Mud Pots!

Glamis, California

Interesting day trip
Great Views!

Anasazi sites -
slick rock, lakes!

Grand Staircase
Escalante day trips.

Near St. George, Utah

Bryce Canyon and
Red Rock Canyon!

St. George, Utah
City and Sites!

North of Virgin, Utah

Fun place to visit!

Day Trips here include
Red Rock Canyon!

Rachel, Nevada is
also included!

and a Riverboat trip
to Davis Dam and
Christmas Tree Pass

Casinos and
Kokoweef Mine.

Near Las Vegas

Probably the nicest border town you'll find.  Near Yuma, Arizona.
Great place to visit and spend a week or two.Friendly, with great seafood!
The road to Gonsaga Bay is part of the Baja 1,000 race. Tough vehicle needed!
This is a must see for a trip into Mexico. Take a bus tour for this trip. 
This is on the East Cape of Baja. Great 3 day trip almost to the tip of Baja!
    NOTICE: Some of the trips, tracks, trails, and areas shown on these daytrips may no longer be open to vehicle traffic or even to foot traffic. It's your responsibility to check with the local and/or Federal Agencies to gain access if it's needed, or available. Access to different areas change over time. Have fun and be safe.

Content including photographs are Copyright ©  2009 - Present - Don & Linda Gilmore
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2 other mines included

You came to the right place -- now see where your going next!

Be Careful -- and Have fun -----

Rock & Gem Shows

Cookie Cutter Glyphs

Anza Borrego State Park




Want to add your own adventure CLICK HERE

Beautiful Scenery
by "Rented Mule"


All the Mexico Day Trips now have Interactive Maps.

Nice Quartz Crystals

Gold Mine east of Yuma

National Monument

Near Parker, Arizona
by "Arvin & Mable"

Anza Borrego State Park
By "Dave Taylor"

North of Hyder, Az.

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El Camino Del Diablo

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Hike to Indian Spring

Near Holbrook, Az.

Old Prison, Mines

Near St. George, Utah

South of Hillsdale, Ut.

Petroglyphs & Page 2
just added.

Baker Tanks,
Betty Lee Mine

Butterfield Stage Stop  By "Dave Taylor"

Largest iron ore mine
& ghost town..

107 miles off road 
worth doing!

Nice Geodes here!

Anza Borrego State
Park, by "Goletto"

Near Enoch, Utah
Parowan Gap

Three Peaks, both
near Cedar City

Nice off-road trip
w/ Many side trips

Cascade Falls &
Cedar Breaks

Near Pinto, Utah.

Nice trip w/
many side trips

Little known
Ghost Town

Photos and GPS By "Kit" & "James"

Trip to the top of Black
Rock Mountain

Mines & Cabins  By "Dave Taylor"

Great Fishing Spot
Great Scenery

From Paragonah to
Panguich Lake

Ghost Towns
and mines.

Arizona Strip to
Grand Canyon

Anza Borrego St. Park  By "Dave Taylor"

Gila Mountains
Southern Arizona

Mines, Kilns, mills,
and mining camps.

Neat trip, video.

Silver mines, Mill sites,
Babylon Arch, more..

Anza Borrego St. Park 

Ghost Town, Cemetery

New Mexico

Lordsburg   ----   Why would you go to this area in the desert? We had a reason, see what it was and what we found. You may want to go yourself.

Nice trip, must see.

Sundad & a wash
in a neat area.

Whitney Pocket & Devil's Throat

Mustangs, and remote
charcoal kilns.

Southern part of the
Wah Wah Mts.

Nice scenery - lot
to see.

Really neat Ghost
Town and mining

Mining district and
2 ghost towns

Colorado City area
Coral Pink Sand Dunes
and Zion, Utah

and Cabins
Castle Dome Mts,

Black Warrior Mine
Castle Cliffs

Plus - What is an
Alluvial Fan.

Kilns, Hot Springs
and Condor Canyon
2 pages

Great scenery
nice campground.

Dixie National forest.

Ghost Town near
Caliente, Nevada

Enterprise to
St. George, Utah.

Take only photographs
Leave only footprints!

in-the-desert is a media member of Tread Lightly

St. George, Utah to
Mesquite, Nevada thru
the Arizona Strip

in Minersville, Utah

Ghosttown, Mines and
more. Wah Wah Mts.

Best off roading in
Southwestern Utah

Kilns, Hot Springs
and Condor Canyon
2 pages

Ella Mountain - side
trip to some caves
and more.

Very scenic trip from
Diamond Valley to Leeds

Alpine Scenery and
Webster City
Ghost Town

Short trip to a pretty
slot canyon near
Kanab, Utah

in the Arizona Strip

North Rim
Grand Canyon

Great trip into the
Virgin Mnts.

    Also help using the Garmin GPS topo tracks found here on the site and putting them into your GPS can be found HERE

Winter trip to a new
area in the Pine Valley Mountains

Northern section of
the Valley of Fire

and the Beehives

Petroglyphs at
2 different sites.

in the Arizona Strip

in the Arizona Strip

Grand Canyon
Parashant N.M.

Mineral Mountains and Milford, Minersville

Scenic Canyon w/
nice suprises.

Johnson Canyon, the Vermillion Cliffs, native ruins, pictographs

Giant fissures and
great vistas

Need Tires?

They've got you covered!

Radio Crystal Mine
South Loop

Mesquite, Nevada &
Arizona Strip

Arizona Strip &

 ( * ) Red Star signifies a St. George Jeeper's Trip

Mines, glyphs and
great scenery

Arizona, Utah &

Below Gold Butte
to Lake Mead

Grand Canyon
Bar 10 Ranch

Obsidian Beds,
Fumaroles's, Snakes,
Negro Mags Brothel

*  Escalante

3 daytrips thru the Canyonland's of Utah

Trip into the Arizona
Strip, Arizona

Further investigation,
more finds..

Mines, High elev. pass, Elk and more. Isolated scenic area

*  Moab

3 daytrips thru

Corona Mine, Jail
Canyon, Ballarat

Hike to the tunnels
and trestles

Geologic Oddity in
the Mojave Desert

Isolated area in
the Arizona Strip

Neat hike just east of
Las Vegas.

Petroglyphs-Gold Mines

Beautiful views,
Mammoth Cave

Ballarat, Pleasant
Canyon, mines

Great views, but
a challenging trail

Lake Mead to Moapa
plus Mesquite, more.

Burgess Mine &
Cerro Gordo

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 A Mt. Pass, 2 gold
mines, Hot Springs

Slot Canyons hike by
Utah Wandering

Just south of Mesquite

 Bill Algeyer takes us
to Moab

Dry Creek Road exploration


 Beryl, Table Butte

 See what happened on
our daytrip

In the Southern Utah area