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Gold in the desert
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Fools Gold, Real Gold

   You can find gold in the desert!  Finding gold anywhere is not easy and is strenuous, hard work. Don't let anyone kid you about that. Even swinging a metal detector all day can make your arms and back ache and make you wonder; -- what ever made me buy this thing to go out and find a couple of old bottle caps. We'll try to help make your next outing a success; but only if your willing to work at it. Do you want to find the raw material or a hidden treasure? I vote for the treasure!

Here's some gold that was found in the desert!

Keep reading below -- there's some interesting links to treasure stories, and how to find your own.

Gold Nuggets
Gold Nuggets
Gold Nuggets
Mine shaft
Pyrite Crystals

Found w/ a Minelab near an old mine.

Found with a Fisher Gold Bug in
 a wash in Arizona. Nice one!

Found in an old tailings pile.
Still covered with mercury.

Gold to the left was found here --
near Wellton, Arizona

Chalcopyrite -- looks like gold but isn't.

On left, crystals of Iron Pyrite often
known as fools gold. Right, quartz crystals.

Crystalline Gold
   Although the specimen to the right is very pretty it is not crystalline gold. Many dealers are selling these specimens as such, but be forewarned this was processed using acid to remove the rock matrix; no naturally formed crystals here. See the specimen below it has real crystals of gold. These are very rare!

Treasure Tales

Treasure Hunter
   Dave was the kind of story teller you need to really listen to. George Campbell was another one. The real pioneers like them know things that will die with them when they're gone - thus losing valuable information. So when you meet a person like Dave or George show them respect and listen to what they have to say.
   There are literally thousands of treasure tales out there. How many of them do you think are real? Some are obviously so poorly documented and have been hunted for so long; well you have to wonder. Instead of recounting tales like the Lost Dutchman, or the Lost Pegleg Gold, let's get to some real stories of treasure tales that just aren't common knowledge, but are very true. We're also going to look into a few tales that are well known, but not well understood.  We're getting to old to search anymore, so we've decided too open our files for others to go and find them. We certainly hope you do! We spent years with a real treasure hunter and had some success but some things should be kept secret! So here's 4 tales that are true and haven't been found. Also in the works are other tales that are just not well understood, or are unknown to the masses. Some are real mysteries! 
Baja - The Lost Santa Isabel Mission        It was found and lost again -- True.
Salome, Arizona - Indian Gold                    Right from the horses mouth. Also True.
South of Topock  Lost Nugget Mine           New information never before known
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Current Gold

Crystalline Gold

Lost River of Gold -- Kokoweef                   Earl Dorr till present time


Mysteries in the Desert

NEW               Argosy - Mysteries in the Desert

   This section will be of interest to anyone that likes mysteries in the desert! Our newest Argosy adventure is the hunt for Montezuma's Treasure. Don't miss the story about the lost Lamp Shade Lady Mine. You won't find this anywhere else. We've been to the mine and well -- want to read more.......
   Upcoming articles on the largest underground river in the World, right here in the desert. Also information on a race of gigantic people that used to live right here in the desert -- was part of this story covered up by the Smithsonian? Keep an eye on the What's New page for updates!
   Want to help with a mystery story you know? Then click on the link above and E-mail us! We'd love to hear it!
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 Soldiers Lost Gold                                       Page 3 continuation just added
1895 Winchester Rifles                                Hidden in a cave below Wellton, Az.

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The Iron Door Mine & more                         Want to know where it's located.


Looking for old Spanish mines, then look for an "Arrastra"  HERE  is more on this....