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Little Creek Mesa, Utah

Thunder Storm
   Get your sandwiches for lunch at the Apple Valley's Mini Mart - you won't regret it. Looking at the mesa from the South. Storm brewing. Beautiful praires and mesas; where weather conditions can change in a minute. The Anasazi indians also thought of this as Gods country. This is now cattle range and indian ruins. A very diverse area as you will see. It's also quite close to St. George, Utah.

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Good Friends
   Good friends of ours made a trip up here with us, and really liked the area; even though it was cold here in the Winter. Best times to go are Spring and Fall. This is Kevin and his wife Star.
   On one of our many trips to Little Creek Mesa; Arvin & Mable went with us in late Spring. They are standing at the Western edge of the mesa --- 1285 ft. drop to the plain below. Sand Hollow Reservoir can be seen behind Arvins head. Also you can see just over the edge is the Old Original Honey Moon Trail used by the Mormoms!
Good Friends
FJ Cruiser
   Some of the roads on the mesa go over Slick Rock. This makes the drive fun. None of the roads are really bad, but 4 wheel drive is recommended for few of the roads. Keep an eye open for deer and cattle up here. The elevation is just over 5,000 ft.
   Linda found this neat rock formation. It looks like a tub with a drain at the lower end. And pretty comfortable too. There are a lot of unusual rock formations up here so spend some time and look around.
Slick Rock
Bass Lake
   There is even a small lake here. Now where does the water come from? It seems to stay pretty full all year long. The Anasazi knew about it -- they had petroglyphs here (see below). And it's full of crawfish and   ----- See next photo!
   That's right BASS too! Who would've guessed? We got a one day fishing license just to check this lake out --- I honestly couldn't believe it. It's really not that big of a lake. Caught 3 in the first twenty minutes fishing -- and threw them all back! Bet they would've been good eating though.
Largemouth Bass
   Here's our good friends Arvin & Mable taking photos. They really liked Utah. Good food, nice people, and fantastic scenery! Also some really neat Indian relics and petroglyphs!
   There were two sets of petroglyphs on the slick rock right next to the lake. In the photo above Arvin is taking a picture of them. In fact both of these photos of the petroglyphs were taken by him. This one has 3 fish, a lizard, and 6 people depicted on the petroglyph
   This one is right next to the one above. It shows the circle to the center of the earth, a long snake, and two others which are unknown to me. These are unusual because of their location on the slick rock. Most petroglyphs are on cliffs or walls and not flat facing up like this
   This is a little way down the road from the lake and was a kiln for firing pottery. Just a little to the East of here is a big mud hole (when it rains) that looks like the place where the Anasazi made their pottery. The red mud matches the pottery sherds found near here at their camp site. This kiln is now almost completely destroyed -- what a shame!
Anasazi Kiln
Anasazi Ruins
   One of the Anasazi pit houses we found at their main campsite. This area is located on the GPS track -- PLEASE don't move, take or destroy any of the pottery sherds here. Pick them up to look at them and replace them exactly where you found them so others can see this amazing site! Some people have piled up sherds on rocks - I guess to show their ability to find them? But please leave them where you find them, it's more fun that way and others get to see what was going on back then. See below!
   I wish this photo could've been bigger! All the little chunks seen here are pottery sherds. I counted most of them and there are over 600 sherds here. Some are bigger (see below). There were sherds in other places too but this one spot must have been their dump? It was where they got rid of their broken pots? There was another area at the site that had broken pieces of lithic scatter (pieces they made arrows, knives from) quartz, and chert
Pottery Sherds
Painted Pottery Sherds
   Some of the pieces had designs painted on them as you can see here. Some of the rounded top pieces (bowl lips) were from jars that were as large as 14 inches in diameter. I traced some of them and then used a large compass to confirm this. Of course we put these back where we found them - I hope they are still there for others to see!

Just a simplified view of Little Creek Mesa.

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   This is the overlook at the southern end of Little Creek Mesa. The cliff here drops 1,285 ft. to plateau below. In the left side of the photo in the background is the town of Hurricane, not visible as it lies below the Hurricane Cliffs. This overlook is noted on the Wikimapia Map below.

Apple Valley

Topography Map

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   Cliffs with great overlooks, Anasazi camps, fishing, great scenery, and off road driving adventures just to mention a few of the reasons you should look into this area of Utah.    Have fun ---
Topography Map
   Here's a quick video look at our trip in June 2018 onto the mesa. We can't remember how many times we've been on Little Creek Mesa, a lot though. And it's always worth the trip. This trip we took friends - Scott and Teresa as they'd never been on this mesa before. Take a look I'm sure you'll find this interesting. And the fish are still there!

New video from June 2018