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Local Happenings

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Listings for the Southwest

   All of the events listed here are events that have already occured in the desert. This will give you a game plan for next year. We're sure you've heard of a lot of these events, but you may not have any idea what they are like or if you'd like to go and take part in them. We'll give you a brief look at the Local Happenings in different areas, counties, and states and you're sure to find one or more that you can look forward to seeing or participating in next year, or the year after. Car shows, air shows, festivals, county fairs, races, poker runs, chili cook offs, off road events, or gem and mineral shows, or just a get away for a change of climate.

Updated  04 / 27 / 21

Listed by Date

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   Events     Weather     Writer's Cafe     City Profiles     Life in the Desert      Local Happenings

April 13th, 2013                         Peg Leg Smith Liars Contest

Take a trip to the Anza Borrego Desert State Park with Dave Taylor and visit the longest running festival of it's kind.

June 25th, 2013                         Summer Vacation

So it's summer in the desert and it's getting really hot. What do you do? Get out of Dodge, what else? Time to head for the hills? Here's a few suggestions.

Traveling out of the lower desert and seeing the great fall colors is also an excuse to see some of the nice scenery we can find in the desert southwest. See what we found.

October 3rd., 2013                    Fall Colors 2013
Winter, 2013/2014                    Algodones Sand Dunes

Algodones / Imperial Sand Dunes, at Gray's Well and at the north end - Glamis. Take a trip with us and see what you might be missing this winter.

April, 14th & 15th/2014             Lunar Eclipse, Blood Moon

One of the hardest events in the sky to photograph. See how we did and see what a Blood Moon in the desert looks like. 

May, 9th/2014                            Desert Bloom for Spring of 2014

See what our readers found in the desert. Their photographic skills are great. 

May, 23rd/2014                         Memorial Day - 2014

Dixie 4Wheel Drive in St. George, Utah held a BBQ and open house with several trail rides. If you have a Jeep this is great place to have it worked on. Maintenance and upgrades!

May 31st./2014                         Cedar City Grand Prix

Come join us for the first S.N.O.R.E. Grand Prix Race at 3 Peaks Receational Area for a great off-road race and see what you can look forward to next year.

This was a great cause to help disabled veterans sponsored by the Yuma 4X4 Club in Yuma, Arizona. Photos and videos of the 2 runs. More details after the link.

January 10th./2015                  4 WHEEL TO HEAL Run
January 23rd, 24th,   2015       Winter 4x4 Jamboree

This is a premiere event held in St. George & Hurricane, Utah to promote open land use for OHV vehicles in the Sand Hollow area. Videos, slideshow and info after the link above.

February 6th, 7th,  2015           King of the Hammers

The biggest off-road race in the desert Southwest. Over 50,000 spectators. 5 different classes racing in the sand and rock crawling. Competitors from all over the USA. Videos - Slideshow.

Feb. 28th - March 2nd,  2015          Tierra Del Sol

The 53rd annual gathering of off roaders from all over in the desert southwest. Sponsored by Tierra Del Sol, a club from San Diego, California.

March 17th,  2015                    Spring Bloom 2015

Our resident wildflower photographer found some really nice blooms in the desert in the Anza Borrego Desert State Park in Southern California. Jon Larson shows us some of the highlights of this years bloom in the southern desert.

This is a local happening that should make all off roaders proud! Several groups wtih the assistance of the BLM have cleaned up a large are in the desert just south of St. George, Utah partially in the Arizona Strip. Get your group involved in a "Cleanup".

December 5th,  2015              Black Rock Cleanup

This is a premier off road event that is open to all off roaders no matter what brand of off road vehicle you own. This is their 50th. year holding this event in Moab, Utah. It is run by the Red Rock 4-Wheelers Inc. located in Moab. See some of the highlights from this years event.

March 19th,  2016                   Easter Jeep Safari
April 7th,  2016                       Snowbird Road Trip

Snowbird ALERT! Wondering what to do? Where to go? How about a road trip over to Mesa, Arizona to take a sightseeing tour on a boat in Canyon Lake? Quick stop at Tortilla Flats. Great scenery, history and photos of local wildlife, presented by Bud Sanders.

Where is the best location and the best time to view the ISS in the desert southwest? How will you know what it looks like? Time Lapse and links provided to follow its movement through the sky. There's a lot to photograph in the night sky - here's one you may not have thought of.

August 15th,  2016                 International Space Station
Sept. 26 - 28th. 2016             Fall Colors

Colorado and Utah. Utah's featured trip includes 3 separate daytrips with a lot of interesting info and history added by Bud Sanders of the St. George Jeepers. Don't miss this next year!

March 21th,  2017                   Spring Bloom 2017

Photos supplied by our viewers of a great desert wildflower bloom this year! This is an exceptional year for our spring bloom. See what's happening in the desert in Southern California.

October 5th,  2017                 Fall Colors 2017

Yankee Meadows Reservoir is featured here. Great color changes in the lower canyon, but around the reservoir the Brian Head Fire ruined some of the scenery. Video included.

November 7th,  2017              Winter 2017 Trip

Coming down off the mountain to get to a warmer elevation in the desert. Trip that circles around Zion National Park with lots of scenery and less traveled trails/roads.

November 20th,  2017            Take a Hike

If you've never heard of Yant Flat then after seeing this, you'll want to go take a look! One of the most scenic places for rock formations in the desert in Southwest Utah.

January 22nd,  2018               Winter 4x4 Jamboree

Really neat event! You should go and participate, with runs for different types of vehicles and great scenery included, plus prizes and food. Want to know more?

June 23rd,  2018                    Summer Solstice

Interesting and informational event held on the longest days during the Summer Solstice. You'll also want to see some of the hundreds of petroglyphs here also. Want to know more?

Everybody has heard of Moab and knows there are 100's of trails there for off-roading. If you have never been there and want to see what it looks like or if you've never seen this particular trail then join Bill at JKsouthwest and see what this trail is like! Nice video, map and gpx track included.

April 25th,  2019                      7 Mile Rim Trail in Moab

Here's an off-road event for everyone, even beginners and of course the pros! Inexpensive way to spend a 3 day holiday and have a blast too! Prizes and good food and fun!

January 17th,  2019                Winter 4x4 Jamboree
October, 5th., 2019               Union Pacific's Big Boy Steam Train

This is a local happening is coming to your neck of the desert. See the map and a link to Union Pacific's web site for times, dates and locations where you'll be able to see this Big Boy train in action. It is making a trip through the desert southwest! Our viewing is available also.

December, 7th., 2019           2019 Christmas

We do this every year, we love seeing the Christmas light shows that people put up on their homes. A lot of people spend hours riding around just looking for these spectacular shows. Besides the static ones here are two of our favorites in video format. Merry Christmas!

February, 14th., 2020           Valentine's Day Run

Linda planned this run to find an old Historic Site / Graveyard and to follow more of the Old Spanish Trail. This is what she wanted to do on Valentine's Day - how could I say no? Fun Trip and you can continue where we left off.

   Have an event or Local Happening you'd like to see covered here. We'd be glad to enter it into this section of the site if you can supply photos and, or videos and a description of the event. It's a great way to get people interested in next years event. Show them what's going on. Where else can you get a preview like this?
                E-mail  us for more info ---
June, 13th., 2020                 Virus Update

This new Chinese Virus has crimped our style and forced us to take precautionary measures. So no going out with others. We did decide to go on these two trips to get out and see some desert life again. It paid off! Look at the updated images and video, we know you'll like this.

April, 27th., 2021                  Monoliths

We couldn't resist finding this monolith. It was very close to where we lived in Cedar City, Utah and after seeing it, it was a little overwhelming! It was big, to say the least. And it had a few very unusual features as well. Come along with us to see this unique find!