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Mountain Spring

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Home                   Animals                   Desert Map                     Photography                What's New?

   Events     Weather     Writer's Cafe     City Profiles     Life in the Desert      Local Happenings

Trains, Lund, Utah

Larry Schaibley Editor
   We've visited Trains on the site before HERE   but this was kind of a unique chance to see them in action. Moving cars around out in the desert in the middle of nowhere. How many times have you been caught and held up at a crossing out in the desert? At Lund, Utah there are a couple sidings and main tracks.

Bible Spring, White Cliffs, Utah

Bible Spring
North Peaks
Desert Flower
Indian Paintbrush
White Cliffs
White Cliffs

Prout Wash, Herd Pass, Utah

Very short video of an Antelope walking in the desert.

Prout Wash
Prout Wash, Herd Pass

Jockey Road, Fishers Wash, Utah

Fishers Wash, Topography Map
   Jockey Road has some significance here. It is another route to the same destination we undertook. We have not traveled the part of Jockey Road shown here in "black". History: Jockey Road was one of the earliest roads run by John (Jockey) W. Myers who was an early freighter on this road. The road was used to carry supplies and ores between the eastern Nevada, (Stateline, Utah), mines and Milford, Utah. Fishers wash is a little less used and rougher.
   Three different trips in one article. You'll understand better why we did this if you download the GPS tracks for all the trips. Download them here or SEE THIS MAP  Also there is another set of GPS tracks available for the whole Western part of Utah and Eastern Nevada. Download that track here
Cactus Flowers
Cactus Flowers
Southwestern Prickly Poppy
Broze Knoll
Fishers Wash
Old Wagon Hub
Fishers Wash
   North Peaks is 7037 ft. in elevation and is a landmark that can be seen for miles. There are no roads or trails to the top. The surrounding area is mostly rolling hills. The road into this area is washed out in many places, but not impassable.
   Bible Springs was not our reason for coming to this area, White Cliffs was. There is a large section of land on the way in that has been re-seeded. This is another really remote area. We didn't see another person/vehicle the whole time we were in this area.
   Like most people we like to photograph flowers we find in these wild areas. This one was photographed using a little trick we learned years ago, very inexpensive and easy to work with. See our video at the bottom of THIS PAGE
   In some cases you just can't use the same technique to photograph the wild flowers. Indian Paintbrush are plentiful and great for a photograph. Even if this photo is a little busy.
  Linda has great hearing and she said the surrounding brush was alive with Cicada's. To prove it to me she quickly found quite a few of them. These are pretty small but she informed me there are thousands of different varieties of this insect.
   We found a road into the White Cliffs area but didn't continue on the road as we were not  sure it went where we wanted to go. Later after looking at the topo map, well we should have taken it. Next time.
  This was the only place were we saw what looked like a white cliff face. I don't think we could see White Cliffs from where we were. We will go back. Take a look at the enlarged images for more detail. Other off-roaders will understand this. Find a place on a topo and you have to go look for it?
  It's always nice to see wildlife and sometimes it's the only thing, beside the scenery, that makes a trip worth while. This whole area is full of wildlife. See the different topo GPS tracks farther down the page.
   This is Herd Pass and a lot of the roads in this area looked like this.
  There were a lot of really big Juniper and other species of trees in here. It looked like the area hadn't been visited for quite a while. However in the photo above the road in the wash was full of wild mustang tracks. The tree to the right was very old and one of the roots has been exposed for a while. There were some areas of the road that were very narrow and rocky.
  Broze Knoll. I wondered if they misspelled this landmark? It looked like a Bronze Knoll from a distance, with all the other high hills and mountains being green or dark brown. Look on the GPS track for this landmark..
  Flowers are always a draw when you are out and about. Here the top two are cactus flowers and the bottom one is a Southwestern Prickly Poppy. The Prickly Poppies are found all along roads in the desert southwest.
  There is a corral right there at the junction of Fishers wash and Blawn wash. This is also were Jocky Road takes off to the north. Also next to Leigh Well, see below.
   Leigh Well and water tank is just below Broze Knoll on the main road - Blue Mountain Road. At this point you have to decide on Fishers wash or Jockey Road as your journey to the northwest continues.
  I'm certainly not positive what this is, but to me it looks like an old wagon wheel hub. Maybe off of a horse drawn wagon? What do you think?
   Just some of the rocky scenery on the way north on Fishers wash road. This area is pretty rugged in some places.
  Looking at the GPS topography maps of this area you'll notice that we hardly touched on a large number of Jeep trails in the area, let alone gravel roads yet to be explored. This could keep you busy for months with some nice finds along the way.