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Product Reviews, Paid Links to Amazon

    The different sectons have links where you can find specific in the desert products on line. Some of them, with the Amazon Store logo have Paid Links to Amazon in that section. Amazon stocks and sells almost anything you'll need for your explorations in the desert. As an Associate I earn from qualifying purchases, which helps to maintain the web site.



GPS Devices, Mapping Software

Emergency Food Rations

Camera Tripods

4 X 4 Parts for off-roading



Digital Cameras

Informational Books

   Here is a product section that could be endless. We've found one brand that has great, clear optics and won't require a second mortgage to acquire them. I'm sure there are others. Do you have a favorite pair? Give us the reasons why you like them.
Garmin GPS
   We've tried several and here is one we really like. What about the software though? Do you have a favorite GPS unit or mapping software? Here's what we've found.......

Want to add your review? Just send us a note with why you like the product, reliability, cost, etc.

Heat Stress Gear

Mira Cool Bandanas
   During the summer and even at times in the Fall and Spring you'll find yourself overheating. This is not a good situation, but this can really help,
Read more......
Heater Meals
   Ever been stranded? Ever wonder what you would do if you were stranded and couldn't get out? You may need something to eat? What would you get?
Read more......
   Just get a 4 wheel drive or just replacing the tires on your current vehicle. This may help you decide what to get for use in the desert, rain or snow. Some interesting facts included....
   Almost everyone that takes trips in the desert takes a camera along. How many times have you wished you had a tripod? There are some models available that are quite inexpensive and even some of the video tripods are reasonably priced. Read more.....

Safety Equipment

   First Aid Kits, Jacks, Tow Straps, Air compressors are all part of safety and survival in the desert. See what we found and what we think will work for you. Read more.....

   First up was offered to us by Jim T. of the SlowLizard Off-road Club. Also find parts for your Toyota FJ Cruiser.   Read more.....

Rock Lock by Skyjacker

   You should keep at least keep a couple of backpacks with you on your travels in the desert.   Read more.....

Southwest Books

   Like to read? Here you'll find some interesting reading material with everything to do with the Southwest.  Read more.....

Digital Camera

   We're all using them. Want to upgrade, or need a backup? How about a small one for your pockect? Want HD video? Read more.....

   Using Amazon to see what's available and what different products cost is a great idea, and it's convenient for the viewers. We've also listed some services and suppliers of products you will find useful. Don't miss the maintenance tips above.

 More product reviews will be added and updated periodically

   Want the best -- with a 25 shelf life? Try free samples, see what you're missing.

Vehicle Maintenance Tips

   There is more to consider when maintaining your off road vehicle than you might realize. Here's some tips for safety, reliability, drivability, comfort and longevity of your vehicle in the desert. Years of experience and knowing some of the best mechanics has led us to these conclusions.

Air Filters








   As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases, which helps to maintain the web site and costs you nothing extra. We really appreciate your help.

Off-road Commode

   Here's the answer to your problem when mother nature calls. Several good products and our best solution is included. Crappy video included.

Off-road Commode
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