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Prehistoric, Ancient Sites

Who are these individuals?

   And why do we want them found? Here is a short explanation of why this is so important to us and all the people who love to visit ancient sites in the desert. Please don't hesitate to contact Officer Mike O'Neil at this number 1-928-203-7512  or Email Mike   USDA Forest Service Bulletin
   On Dec. 16th. 2014 several individuals in Jordan Cave in the Red Rock Ranger District near the Jordan Trail Head parking lot in Sedona were seen removing and throwing rocks from the walls of the site over a steep embankment. Some of the rocks were also dug from the prehistoric floor of the site and thrown over the embankment.

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Editors Note: 

Vandalism at Jordan Cave
   Law enforcement is trying to locate the individuals in the above photo, (enlargement available), who might be able to assist in the investigation regarding the vandalism. We all know we shouldn't destroy sites like this. It ruins it for others that follow and want to see how these prehistoric people lived and survived in the desert.
   These acts of vandalism and theft to protected sites are found under the Archaeological Resource Protection Act of 1979 under Title 36 Code of Federal Regulations 261.9 (g), which makes it a criminal violation under Federal Law. The penalties can range from a Class B Misdemeanor, which is 6 months in jail and a $5,000 fine, to a felony, which is one year in jail and/or $20,000 fine.
   If you have been spending time traveling in the desert and seeing sites like these, including Petroglyph sites, you will have noticed that some of the roads and access to these sites are now denied. Mostly because vandalism occurred at the site. We want to keep these sites open for the public and for foreign people that travel in the desert. This is especially true in the case of disabled people who may never get a chance to see some of these amazing sites because of the vandals. Please take a good look at the enlarged photo at the top of the page and if you know these individuals, then don't hesitate to contact Mike O'Neil at 1-928-203-7512. Or if you'd like to contact us with information, you can do so HERE. We'd be glad to help.
   If you or a friend/relative lives in the Sedona, Arizona area and works at or knows someone that works at a Motel/Hotel or campground there then maybe they have seen or dealt with these individuals around the 16th. of December 2014. If so, then they may have information that could help with this investigation, "keeping these sites open to the public". Please only respond if you have information to offer!
   The federal judges should impose stiffer fines or at least the maximum fines, in our opinion, this would be a greater deterrent for keeping people from vandalizing sites like this in the future. They need your help to catch these individuals!
   Other incidents like this -- a suspected woman from New York who posted her graffiti on rocks in 10 different locations in 5 different states across the Southwest. This all came to light in October of 2014 and has yet to be prosecuted. She posted photos of her "artwork" on her Instagram account, which is now gone. See the photo below. This is only one example of the damage done.
Vandilized Site
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