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Yuma, Arizona

Downtown Yuma

   Yuma, Arizona is an interesting town in the desert Southwest. The Ocean to Ocean bridge is a perfect example. The bridge was a critical link joining the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans with a major highway. It was built between Fort Yuma, Arizona and California across the Colorado River at a cost of $76,000 and was dedicated in May 1915. The 336 ft. bridge is still in use today. Photo was taken on Oct. 10th 2009.
Ocean to Ocean Bridge
Lutes Casino
   In the downtown section of Old Yuma on Main Street you'll find some interesting shops and you'll also find Lutes Casino. This is really not a casino, but an old restaurant that serves some different and interesting foods. Try the Muchaco Burrito; even if you don't like burritos. The amount of memorability hanging on the walls and from the ceiling make this a must see. Although there's a lot of places with things on the walls and ceilings this one is just plain unbelievable. Not a tourist trap, it's visited daily by locals and tourist alike.
   The Paradise Casino is just across the old Ocean to Ocean Bridge on the North side of the Colorado River -- but still in Arizona. The Quechan Indian tribe owns and operates this casino and the casino is well known in the area. They also have another casino in Andrade, California on the exit to Algodones, Mexico. Paradise is the original casino.
Paradise Casino
Hot Rod
   If your an old car collector or just into nostalgia then you don't want to miss Midnight at the Oasis here in the desert in Yuma, Az. There are hundreds (maybe thousands) of old car buffs that show up here to show off their old restored rides. The town gets a little wild in a nice way! Here's one of them with a typical sunset here in the desert.  First week of March every year!
   Now in the middle of February the Yuma Air Show is the big event. This is something to see. Every year there's new and different planes and shows. Here's a bunch of people headed over to the Harrier that's on the tarmac. A lot of planes are available here for a close inspection and most times they have a pilot there to answer your questions. Neat!
Yuma Air Show
   The aerial part of the show is always outstanding like this jet with the pulse from the exhaust visible. Just about every kind of flying machine is here to put on a show. It's really worth seeing.

Yuma County

Adobe Building
   Just west of town on Araz Rd. you find the remains of this old adobe building. At one time this quite a large building with high ceilings. It is deteriating slowly. Many people thought this was an old Butterfield Stage Stop. But in light of new information -- see below we found out it was not.
   So you want to go fishing? Here's one place -- Fortuna Pond; as well as the Colorado River, The Gila River, and all of the many canals that run through the farm fields here. This is the largest lettuce growing area in the West, not to even mention Broccoli, and a lot of other vegetables. So there's miles of canals that produce nice bass, and some really big catfish!
Fortuna Pond
   The Marine Base where the air show is held is not the only base here in Yuma. Just like other places in the desert there are several military installations here. The Cobra pictured here is on the YPG base; which stands for the Yuma Proving Grounds -- a facility for testing parachutes, long range cannon, and tanks and their armaments. These are just a few of the interesting things here in the desert in Yuma.

Daytrips out of Yuma

If your staying in Yuma or nearby these day trips in the desert site will be of interest to you --

Interesting Day Trips adventure to find petrified wood.
Neat town with some great side day trips.
This peak can be seen anywhere in Yuma, just ask the locals.
Great trip with a little knowledge of 4 wheeling needed; plus a 4X4.
A small 4X4 needed for this - or a little hiking will work.
Read this one - then take the trip here. Great trip!
Have fun......

This is an inter-active Wikimapia Satellite Map. You can zoom in / out and drag the map to scroll.  Mouse over the map.       Try it!      Shown here - Yuma, Arizona.

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Saint Thomas Indian Mission
   The Saint Thomas Indian Mission on the Ca. side of the Colorado river is a local Yuma attraction. Although this mission has been labeled as one of the orginal two Spanish missions in the area, it is not one of the original missions. The locations of the orginal missions has never been validated or found. This area was also part of the old Fort Yuma base.

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Adobe Building
   This is a much older film photograph of the same adobe building on Araz Rd. just west of Yuma, Arizona. The gentleman who supplied this photo also gave us documentation as to it's original supposed use. Notice how much more of the building was standing, just 30 years before the upper photo was taken.
Photo taken by Linda Gilmore, Circa 2003
   Feb. 25, 2009 - "We have done a lot of research on that old adobe building. It is either the pump plant for the American Girl Mine or the loading dock for one of the mines" Carol Brooks, Curator, Arizona Historical Society, Yuma.
Photo taken by Leon Baradat, Circa 1973

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